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Is Trump Really Making America Great Again? The USA Vs. China Story So Far
8 months ago

Later this year, in early November the US conduct their midterm elections. These elections take place halfway through the presidential term and is a perfect opportunity to let voters judge the performance of the current admin...
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Market Recap - Positive Sentiment Sends Equities Flying
8 months ago

Good day in Wall St. as all of the major indices rose nearly 1% as positive risk sentiment entered the markets. That positive sentiment filtered through to the Asia Pacific area as the Nikkei 0.86%, ASX 0.41%, and t...
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USD/JPY: Pushes higher as equity markets shine again
8 months ago

Wall Street is in a good mood as we see both the S&P and Dow Jones pressing up to new record highs and dragging the JPY lower in its wake.  This sees USD/JPY pushing above the 112.50 marks in what is a measured move ...
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Equities Trade Mixed And UK PM Man Assures The EU27 She Will Get Brexit Done
8 months ago

It was a mixed close in the indices over in the US yesterday as the Nasdaq fell 0.08% while the Dow gained 0.61%. Over in the Asia Pacific area, it was a subdued session, the Nikkei closed flat, Shanghai Comp finished 0....
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Copper - Are We Out Of The Woods?
8 months ago

Copper pushes higher as China announces another round of stimulus to help the economy which is facing further tariffs from USA. The USD has recently helped matters and the stronger greenback hindered price rises in the r...
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Market Recap: Equites Gain As China Soften Trade War Blow With Stimulus
8 months ago

There was a positive close on Wall St. yesterday with the Nasdaq the outperformer trading higher by 0.76%. Over in the Asia Pacific area it was much of the same as the Nikkei 225 closed 1.08% higher, Shanghai Comp. ...
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Market Recap: US Confirm The Addition Tariffs On China
8 months ago

After the US market closed the US president Donald Trump announced another $200bln worth of tariffs on Chinese goods. The market had been trading in a subdued fashion with the Nasdaq trading lower by 1.43%. Over in the A...
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Market Recap: Trump Set To Add Another $200bln Worth Of Tariffs
8 months ago

Monday mornings start off on a sour note with Donald Trump demanding more Major indices traded mixed overnight as the Shanghai Comp. lost 1% following the US threatening more tariffs on Friday. The Nikkei is closed as it i...
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Brexit - Where Do We Currently Stand?
8 months ago

Over the course of the year, GBP has been pretty volatile due to the uncertainty over the Brexit negotiations, which are now hitting crunch time as the clock ticks closer to the March 2019 exit date. At this point, in order t...
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Market Recap: Equities Trade Well As Traders And Investors Look Forward To China And US Talks
8 months ago

It was a positive session over in the States yesterday with the Nasdaq the outperformer up 0.75%. Over in the Asia Pacific area indices traded slightly mixed as the ASX (0.62%) and Nikkei (1,19%) both closed higher ...
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Market Recap: Equites Mixed Once Again As The US Announce They Are Ready To Meet China Once More
8 months ago

Another mixed close on Wall St. as tech stocks were under pressure, the Nasdaq closed lower by 0.23%. The Asia Pacific indices also traded mixed with the Nikkei 225 trading higher by nearly 1%, the ASX losing 0.76% of it...
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2019 Global oil demand growth slowing to 1.41 Mln BPD
8 months ago

Spot WTI remains muted following the release of the latest OPEC monthly report. OPEC stated they see 2019 Global oil demand growth slowing to 1.41 Mln BPD, that's down 20,000 BPD they cite trade tensions as...
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