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S&P500: Fake Break Out Or More Upside?
7 months ago

Since the start of the week, the S&P500 has been ripping higher and is currently sitting at 2810.92 which is 2.27% higher on the week already. In my previous S&P articles, I have highlighted this region between 2800-2...
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Auto Prices to Rocket Under a No Deal Brexit!
7 months ago

Yesterday, we saw yet another historic defeat for Theresa May and the Conservative Government. MP’s of the house rejected the Brexit deal which May went to fight for in Strasbourg on Monday night. President of the Europ...
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OIL: Make or Break?
7 months ago

Since the start of February West Texas Intermediate has been range bound between $55.00 to $57.50 per barrel. We have multiple rejections off both regions, and at the time of writing, we are currently sitting at the top of th...
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GOLD: What's Next In Store?
7 months ago

At the back end of last week, we saw gold shoot up out of its box region ($1283 to $1290) all the way to its key level of $1300. This spike tied in nicely with the horrendous NFP data, as the US only published 20,00...
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How Does Amazon Pay Less Tax Than You?
7 months ago

Tax, a touchy subject for many given how much the government deduct from our salaries and accounts! As a federal law in almost every country across the world, why are there Tech giants making millions in profit but ...
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The Greatest Investor In The World Says Buy S&P500, Would You Buy It?
7 months ago

The Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett. Considered one of the greatest investors of all time. He has built a legacy and a net worth some would shiver at. He invests through value investing and the rather simple, buy low and...
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S&P500: Just As Expected, The Bears Take Charge
7 months ago

This follows on from the previously published article on the 26th February. As you can see from the chart, we have broken to the downside of our key resistance level at 2815.00, as predicted in our last article “Is t...
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OIL prices set to fly as OPEC plans to cut production!
7 months ago

Hi traders and welcome to EverythingFX! Taking a look at the daily timeframe we can see Oil has been on a run since the start of the year from the $45 a barrel mark. With bullish price action on a 4-hour timeframe creating...
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Is UK's Housing Market Bubble Ready To Burst?
7 months ago

I'm very passionate about the housing market so I thought I would write on this topic to clear up some uncertainty that has been looming amid Brexit negotiations. The good old Bricks & Mortar investment strategy mi...
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Is the S&P ready to topple over?
7 months ago

The S&P500 has been on a rapid rise since finding its bottom @ 2350 in late 2018. Since then, it has appreciated 19% in 40 days. This rise could soon be about to unfold as we approach some major levels.  Fibbing t...
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Trump and Kim Jong Un aka 'Rocketman' Due To Meet For Second Denuclearisation Sumit
7 months ago

For three decades, North Korea has accelerated the pace in their nuclear program which has been the main concern for US Foreign Policy.  As a result, North Korea has been under a wide range of sanctions worldwide. This h...
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US Debt Rising - Catastrophic Consequences
7 months ago

The US over the past 20 years has accumulated large sums of debt. They are currently sitting at around $22 trillion, which is a huge sum and has doubled over the past 10 years. The sum of debt accumulated under each of the la...
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