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Is UK's Housing Market Bubble Ready To Burst?
4 months ago

I'm very passionate about the housing market so I thought I would write on this topic to clear up some uncertainty that has been looming amid Brexit negotiations. The good old Bricks & Mortar investment strategy mi...
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Is the S&P ready to topple over?
4 months ago

The S&P500 has been on a rapid rise since finding its bottom @ 2350 in late 2018. Since then, it has appreciated 19% in 40 days. This rise could soon be about to unfold as we approach some major levels.  Fibbing t...
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Trump and Kim Jong Un aka 'Rocketman' Due To Meet For Second Denuclearisation Sumit
4 months ago

For three decades, North Korea has accelerated the pace in their nuclear program which has been the main concern for US Foreign Policy.  As a result, North Korea has been under a wide range of sanctions worldwide. This h...
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US Debt Rising - Catastrophic Consequences
4 months ago

The US over the past 20 years has accumulated large sums of debt. They are currently sitting at around $22 trillion, which is a huge sum and has doubled over the past 10 years. The sum of debt accumulated under each of the la...
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Oil takes a dive a Trump tweets about high oil prices once again
4 months ago

Oil markets reversed their earlier gains after Donald Trump tweeted ''OIL PRICES GETTING TOO HIGH. OPEC, PLEASE RELAX AND TAKE IT EASY. WORLD CANNOT TAKE A PRICE HIKE - FRAGILE!'' This is not the first...
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Copper shoots higher!
5 months ago

Copper breaks out of a massive range after reports that Glencore is to close a pretty big mine! It has been said they will cut around 2K workers at Mutanda, mostly contractors, and no full-time employees will be laid off f...
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EXPOSED: What The Broker Doesnt Want You To Know - Part 2
5 months ago

Here is the much-anticipated Part 2 of What The Broker Doesn't Want You To Know, written by an ex-broker! Follow me on Instagram by clicking here Why would a broker have two different “books”? Every...
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S&P500s January Gains, A Sign Of Things To Come?
5 months ago

A Wall Street adage goes as follows “So goes January, goes the year”. Meaning, January played out well and so will the rest of the year.  Since 1950, there have only been 9 contradictions to the January Ba...
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How To Invest In UBER Before It Goes Public
5 months ago

Everyone seems to have used Uber or at least heard of the convenient service, making it a lucrative service to hold shares in. With the company looking to go public in a few months, many are wondering how they can invest in U...
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What to expect from today's non-farm payroll???
5 months ago

How Will The US Government SHUTDOWN affect the result??? Let's find out here... January's non-farm payrolls figure is expected to be distorted by the mass of unpaid government workers who will be classed as &#...
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Silver prices shoot higher and we might not be done yet!
5 months ago

Like its big brother gold, silver has been rallying in recent times as the pace of QT (quantitative tightening) looks like it may be slowing. Looking at the weekly chart it's clear to see the price has broken some im...
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EXPOSED: What The Broker Doesnt Want You To Know - Part 1
5 months ago

Uncovering The Secrets Of A Retail Broker!   In order to trade the financial markets, you need a broker, but many don't understand the dark secrets brokers keep from their clients. This article is one of many, ...
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