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GOLD: What goes up must come down
3 months ago

Hi Traders and welcome back to EverythingFX. Gold is currently trading at $1426.88 per ounce against the Dollar during today's London session. Starting on the monthly timeframe, all I can say is wow. A clean tweezer...
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Silver with a nice breakout, will it be stopped in its tracks?
3 months ago

Silver bugs don't get too excited just yet! As gold moved higher in recent days its younger brother silver has jumped onto the bandwagon and moved 8.8% higher from the lows seen in May. What we need to remember is that...
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Copper - are traders getting to carried away?
4 months ago

Copper has pushed higher now for 2 sessions in a row after a great rejection of $2.60/lb 3 days ago.  LME and Comex traders have been positive since the US and Mexico came to some sort of agreement on immigration. Tru...
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What Makes Warren Buffet A Master Investor?
4 months ago

I’m sure many of you have heard of the Master Investor Warren Buffett. The world’s third-wealthiest person also referred to as the “Oracle” or “Sage” of Omaha by global media outlets. Aged ...
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S&P500: Expectations of a FED rate cut getting stronger: Powel's speech today can cause a market turnaround
4 months ago

Expectations of a possible rate cut are increasing. Speculations have surged during the last couple of days as a result of the impoverished US economic figures. Today, FED Chairman might be giving investors some clues about t...
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GOLD: Shining Brightly Thanks To President Trump
4 months ago

Tariff man strikes again, Mexico first, and next potentially Australia. The flight to safety has been evident, no one knows who will be next and the precious metal has gained over 3% thanks to the president in the last 3 days...
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Successful Trading: Nature or Nurture?
4 months ago

Can anyone become a successful trader? Can it be taught? Are some people cut from a different cloth? The debate was put to rest in 1983 by a bet between Richard Dennis and his partner William Eckhardt. “The Prin...
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Silver still looking weak
4 months ago

Silver, in line with the rest of the precious metals complex, has been struggling in recent weeks and months, with the resilient risk tone (which is now being tested by trade tensions) and a strong USD combing to keep price a...
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What's next for the global oil market? Understanding the effects of US-IRAN conflict on key pairs
4 months ago

It has been a tough week for global equities and the oil market. Traders should now focus on creating possibles sceneries for the US-CHINA trade war and US sanctions on Iran. A complete understanding of the economic impacts c...
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S&P500: 400 points and counting...
4 months ago

If Wall Street’s traders thought that the last few days had been painful, then they were totally not ready for today’s psychological shock. At the time of writing, S&P is 400 points down! The pressure of th...
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OIL: Takes A Tumble Just As Expected
4 months ago

As mentioned at the start of the week, WTI has been consolidating in a range of 350 pips between $63.50 and $60.00. The 4-hour time frame shows this especially well, with price throwing wicks both to the up and downside but n...
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S&P recovering after Huawei temporal permission and traders preparing themselves for a busy Wednesday
4 months ago

After a tense start of the week, a new ceasefire is now impacting S&P positively. SPX is up 0.86%. Markets are recovering after Huawei was granted with temporal permission by The US Commerce Department. Until August 2019,...
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