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Here's everything you need to know about the next rate cuts
2 years ago

The fear of an upcoming recession and the measures taken by Central Banks to avoid it seems to be the only thing in the minds of investors right now.  We know that sometimes researching about monetary policies may be har...
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S&P plunge after yield curve got inverted: Here is everything you need to know about it
2 years ago

The “crazy inverted yield curve” (as Trump describes it) is scaring the market once again. The former US president tweeted this week the following:  “..Spread is way too much as other countries ...
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AUD/JPY: The Perfect Barometer of Risk!
3 years ago

Risk on & risk-off. I am sure we have all heard of this term used before in the financial markets but, what does it really mean and how do we identify this? First of all, “Risk Sentiment”, this is dete...
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DXY: Fake breakout catching out the sellers at the highs
3 years ago

It seems for years that the dollar index has been struggling to break through our overhead resistance of 97.50 but, this eventually broke last week due to Powell's wording regarding the rate cut as an “Insurance cut...
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OIL: Potential Reversal Now?
3 years ago

Yesterday saw WTI drop more than $2 from $60.00 down to a low of $57.07. There were talks of a thaw in the tensions with Iran and the USA. USA said that Iran had put the nuclear missiles programme “on the table” f...
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OIL: Back Above $60 - For How Long?
3 years ago

From my recent articles, you would have known I was short from the $60 region down to $57.50/$57.00 capturing a nice move down. Since then, price has rebounded defiantly to a high of $60.36 at the time of writing. So, the all...
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The March Towards 3000 For The S&P
3 years ago

A long time coming or a trend overdone? 3000 seems to be the phycological number that is drawing price towards it. At the time of writing each tick higher in a new record high, only 18 more points and we have reached the magi...
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Production Cuts Enough To Push Oil Higher?
3 years ago

Over the weekend we saw the agreements made between Russia and Saudi Arabia to continue the production cuts for another 6-9 months with the later seemingly more palatable for most members.  The question is, are the cu...
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GOLD: What goes up must come down
3 years ago

Hi Traders and welcome back to EverythingFX. Gold is currently trading at $1426.88 per ounce against the Dollar during today's London session. Starting on the monthly timeframe, all I can say is wow. A clean tweezer...
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Silver with a nice breakout, will it be stopped in its tracks?
3 years ago

Silver bugs don't get too excited just yet! As gold moved higher in recent days its younger brother silver has jumped onto the bandwagon and moved 8.8% higher from the lows seen in May. What we need to remember is that...
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Copper - are traders getting to carried away?
3 years ago

Copper has pushed higher now for 2 sessions in a row after a great rejection of $2.60/lb 3 days ago.  LME and Comex traders have been positive since the US and Mexico came to some sort of agreement on immigration. Tru...
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What Makes Warren Buffet A Master Investor?
3 years ago

I’m sure many of you have heard of the Master Investor Warren Buffett. The world’s third-wealthiest person also referred to as the “Oracle” or “Sage” of Omaha by global media outlets. Aged ...
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