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Gold has suffered from the strength in the US Dollar
1 year ago

Gold has suffered from the strength in the US Dollar of late and a strong payroll report didn't do much for the precious metal either. Moves to the upside are favorable if the trendline in the chart holds. Having said tha...
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Little reason to shy away from USD
1 year ago

The USD looks slightly toppy at these levels but that's not to say it will not retest the highs. Any close below 94 would be a strong indication that the market is fed up with the strong USD narrative.  The 95 level ...
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The tide has certainly turned in the EUR/USD...
1 year ago

Above is the daily chart and below is the weekly, currently they are painting two different pictures. From a technical perspective, the daily is looking like a trend following the pattern and a close on Monday below...
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Gold is looking at continuing its recent decline to reach $1200
1 year ago

What a run GOLD has embraced. After a breakout through the $1325 weekly res level with the most responsive retest as support, Price has rallied through the major $1350 level into a new and all-important supply region. Make...
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