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S&P500: Who will win the tug of war, bulls or bears?
1 year ago

The S&P has been struggling of late to sustain any rally above the 3000 handle and as a result, showed two clear rejections giving us potentially a nice double top. The market took a slight dip this morning on headlines t...
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Good Traders vs. Good Trades
1 year ago

The majority of the traders in this industry want spectacular results, without preparation. It is not a surprise, after all, that's what social media has been selling us, easy results, easy profits, easy life. However, if...
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Oil: Wiped out all its gains, down 15% in 12 trading days!
1 year ago

Since the Saudi attack on Oil (WTI) has wiped out all of its gains a mere 15% in 12 trading days with only 1 of those days being a green day. The significance of this reiterates and confirms the bearish view I have had on Oil...
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This single factor which changes the whole trading game
1 year ago

Alexander Elder, one of the greatest traders in history once said: “To win in the markets, we need to master three essential components of trading: sound psychology, a logical trading system and an effective risk ...
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Weekend habits and rituals of a successful forex trader
1 year ago

It is said that a weekend well spent, brings a week of content! And for traders, this quote is no exception. A trader’s weekend is sacred as it gives them a space to relax, clear the mind and get the mindset ready for t...
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Copper is making a comeback
1 year ago

The base metals market is returning back to somewhat normal levels after the trade war rhetoric between the US and China cools. China are off today for a public holiday but this week copper has moved off its lows to get ba...
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Consequences of no-deal on GBP pairs
1 year ago

The showdown of the UK Parliament this week will be a key event impacting GBP pairs. According to several sources, the Queen’s petition will be applicable from September 12th onwards. If the Parliament gets suspend...
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OIL: Awaiting A Breakout But Which Way?!
1 year ago

For the last 17 trading days, Oil has been trapped in a range, between $53 and $57.50 per barrel, with no clear direction forming.  Yesterday's news gave Oil a lift from $53 to $56.50 but didn’t change the t...
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The Fundamental Giant of The Week : August's NFP
1 year ago

One of the biggest market movers is being released this week, Non-Farm Payrolls. Economists are projecting August’s figure to come at 159K (vs 164K in July).  The summertime has finally ended and the big players...
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S&P500 Next Move?
1 year ago

The S&P500 has been range-bound for the last 20 trading days of around 4% from 2800 to 2935 with no clear direction forming. If we just take a look at the last 20 days of trading we are in major consolidation between thes...
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Gold still in favor as risk sentiment moves positive
1 year ago

As the market remains quiet gold holds at elevated levels. Since the breakout of the triangle formation on the weekly chart, there has been a massive surge in prices. One of the main drivers has been the trade war betwe...
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XAU/USD: Technical and fundamental outlook
1 year ago

This week, Gold set a new record around Commodities' ETFs in Wall Street as holdings of gold-backed funds have increased significantly. In addition, worldwide holdings also show a rising demand. Many Exchange-Traded funds...
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