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Markets Get Mixed Signals From Washington And The USD Surges Once Again
1 year ago

Stocks in the US sold off after confusing messages about trade wars emerged from Washington. Early in the US session optimism was raised as Trump stated he would use a strengthened national security review proces...
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USD/CAD Moves In The Aftermath Of The Massive Draw In Doe's
1 year ago

The CAD is naturally pushing higher in the aftermath of a very large draw on Crude Oil inventories, which has pushed WTI even higher.  Ahead of the release, WTI was already hitting highs around $71.70, and we can add ano...
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AUD/USD Climbs As Trump Eases Trade War Tensions
1 year ago

Commodity currencies and indices are bouncing back today as US president Donald J Trump backs down on his protectionist stance. The US leader is to desist from harsh measures on Chinese investment according to sources...
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Gold Has The Precious Metal Lost It's Shine?
1 year ago

Looking at gold at the moment it seems as if it is in free fall as the USD strength persists. The question we ask is, at what stage will it become attractive again to longer-term investors and funds. Some analysts are noti...
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Market Recap - Gold Takes Another Tumble
1 year ago

Yesterday we had another exciting day packed with substantial movements in the market. US bourses finished in the green yesterday after a few days of selling pressure following bearish sentiment from the trade wars. O...
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Trade In Brent Has Been Choppy After More Saudi Comments
1 year ago

Brent crude oil has had a volatile session today after traders were forced to interpret some comments from OPEC members late in the session. The Saudi Arabian Oil minister stated that next month (July) the country will be ...
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Trump's China Policy Hits Equities Once Again
1 year ago

Here we go again, Trump strikes again! The stock market sold off yesterday as US president Trump announced that Chinese investors will not be able to invest in sensitive sectors ie. tech stocks. With that in mind, the te...
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AUDUSD Falls Yet Again
1 year ago

AUD is coming under fire today, and as we have already noted, the fallout in the equity markets is the key catalyst for AUD/USD returning to 0.7400. As yet, the move is relatively tight -40 ticks to the downside compared...
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Base Metals Are Still Feeling The Effects Of Trade Wars
1 year ago

Aluminium, zinc, tin and copper have taken a hit in recent days as the trade war between China, America and the EU escalates. Copper, in particular, is headed south toward $3/lb which in the past has been defende...
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Market Recap - Markets Continue To Be Hit By Trump's Trade Wars
1 year ago

Shares in the Asia Pac area struggled overnight as they had a chance to react to the EU and America's latest trade dispute. Late on Friday evening, the US president stated he would look place a 20% tariff on EU ...
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OPEC Finally Agree On A Supply Extension Deal
1 year ago

Spot WTI moved out of its base consolidation today, as traders heard of a deal made by OPEC to increase supply by 600k BPD. Apparently, they will implement this increase by September. The deal is said to be 1mln BPD...
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Market Recap - Equities Continue To Feel Trade War Jitters!
1 year ago

Good morning everybody! Shares in the US closed lower, as companies are starting to worry about the trade war with China. In the Asia Pac area, the Nikkei (-0.65%) and ASX (-0.11%) followed the US bourses, however the...
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