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Market Recap - Equites Trade Higher Despite Rumors
2 years ago

Mixed close on Wall St. last night as the Dow (-0.06%) underperformed, however, aftermarket Google shares performed well so keep an eye on the tech sector today. In the Asia Pac area, there was a sea of green, Shanghai C...
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Market Recap - Asian Markets React To Trump's Comments
2 years ago

Equities in the Asia Pac area finally got to react to Trump's comments on Friday, the Nikkei 225 fell 1.38% while the ASX also dropped 0.93%. The Shanghai Comp. rose 1.16% after starting the session lower despit...
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Market Recap - Trade War Or Currency War?
2 years ago

It was a bearish day on Wall St. yesterday with the Dow the main laggard down 0.53%. Overnight only the Nikkei followed suit and fell 0.28%, while the Shanghai Comp. (2.22%) and the ASX closed higher (0.37%). The main story o...
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Market Recap - Mixed Overnight As Commodities Struggle Again
2 years ago

Indices closed mixed in the US last night as the Dow and S&P 500 closed higher, however, the Nasdaq closed just under flat. In the Asia Pac area, it was much of the same as the Nikkei 225 and Shanghai Comp. underperformed...
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Market Recap - Equities Push Higher As Powell Stands Firm
2 years ago

US bourses closed in the black last night with the Nasdaq outperforming. This came as Fed chair Powell kept his guidance the same stating that there will be 'gradual rate hikes', as maybe the market was expecting...
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Market Recap - Stocks Trade Mixed As WTI Suppresses Market
2 years ago

There was a mixed close on Wall St. yesterday, however, the major news came after market when Netflix fell 14% in after-market trade. Netflix reported a profit of $384.3m, or 85 cents a share (up from $65.6m Y/Y), althou...
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Market Recap - Chinese Data Sends Stocks & Industrial Metals Tumbling
2 years ago

Chinese GDP data came in as expected overnight. However, retail sales came in slightly higher at 9% vs the expected 8.8% and lastly industrial production missed expectations of 6.5% to register a reading of 6%. All of th...
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USD/JPY Hits Its First Resistance Level Through 111.50
2 years ago

Since the break of key trend line resistance at 111.50, we have seen a surge in USD buying this week.  The flow has spread through the market like wildfire (again), with the JPY rate hitting highs just shy of 112.80...
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Market Recap - Equities Rebound & The Chinese/US Trade Surplus Hits Record Level
2 years ago

US bourses bounced back yesterday with the Nasdaq outperforming moving higher by 1.39%. That positivity fed through to the Japan where the Nikkei traded 1.90% higher, however, the ASX traded flat and the Shanghai Comp. lost 0...
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Nothing New In ECB minutes - Another Damp Squib!
2 years ago

The ECB minutes keep the markets guessing and given the broader level of uncertainty in both domestic and global markets, they see fit to leave the end of QR conditional on incoming data.  They also maintain that interes...
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Market Recap - Asian Equities Rebound Overnight
2 years ago

There was a small recovery in Asia Pac equities overnight. The Nikkei traded higher by 1.12%, ASX 0.85% and the Shanghai Comp. 2.28% was the clear outperformer. All this came despite a dismal performance in the US where ...
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Market Recap - Trump Dampens The Mood Once Again
2 years ago

Stocks in the US moved up slightly ahead of earnings, although in the Asia Pac area equities moved lower, as Trump threatened to impose another set of tariffs. This time the US president may look to add another $200 bln ...
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