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Market Recap - Trump Throws His Toys Out The Pram, Again
11 months ago

Stocks traded in a subdued manner over in Wall St., as the Nasdaq traded flat and the S&P (-0.21%) and Dow (-0.41%) both closed in the red. In the Asia Pac area, there was a sea of red as the U.S President escalated the t...
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The OPEC Saga Continues
11 months ago

It's that time...OPEC and Non-OPEC officials are set to meet in Vienna again! This time we are looking to find out how the cartel is expecting to exit (taper) the output cut agreement. It is said that there may be a ...
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Market Recap - Shares In Asia Fall, As Trade War Intensifies
11 months ago

Overnight the Nikkei 225 and Shanghai Comp. both fell 0.73%, as the US president kept his conviction regarding the tariffs on Chinese goods. Late in the session on Friday, President Trump announced a 25% tariff on $50bln...
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Market Recap - BHP Targets $2.9 Billion Australian Iron Ore Project
11 months ago

US markets were mostly positive, except the Dow which closed lower by 0.10%. In the Asia Pac area, shares traded mixed despite the possibility that President Trump may Tax $50bln worth of Chinese goods. The ASX traded hi...
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Silver & Gold Have Curiously Risen As The USD Appreciated Today
11 months ago

Silver and gold have curiously risen as the USD appreciated today, the US 10 YR yield is down and the Nasdaq index pushed higher.  It seems all correlations are broken and the only ones that make any ...
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Copper Is Continuing To Retrace From Higher Levels
11 months ago

Copper is continuing to retrace from higher levels as the stronger USD and progressing talks at the world's biggest copper mine, Escondida, continues. The industrial metal has now broken the support at $3.22/lb, the stron...
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Market Recap - Gold Finally Gets A Break
11 months ago

As the markets digested the FOMC rate decision, and comments, stocks fell in the U.S. In the Asia Pac area it was much of the same. The Nikkei was affected the worst falling nearly 1%, the Australian ASX fell 0.11% and t...
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USD/JPY Struggles To Push Higher
11 months ago

USD/JPY has duly struggled ahead of 111.00, as we suspected it would.  A material push higher will require long end rates to rise a little more than they have, and today's FOMC has lifted the short end with 4 hikes n...
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EUR/USD Falls, However, Is It The End?
11 months ago

EUR/USD has pushed lower on the back of the Fed announcement tonight, but we are clearly seeing some demand coming in well ahead of the 1.1700 level.  Lest we forget, the ECB meeting will be in the back of the minds...
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Market Recap - Commodities Traded In Red Overnight
11 months ago

Again a mixed close on Wall St. as the markets await the FOMC rate decision and comments, Nasdaq outperformed up 0.57%. That sentiment carried through to the Asia Pacific area as the Nikkei 225 traded 0.36% higher and the ASX...
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Trump and Kim Have Their Long-Awaited Showdown
11 months ago

Bourses in the US ticked up slightly as the market remains tentative ahead of key risk events. Asian markets followed suit and showed slightly more conviction as the Nikkei jumped 0.42%, ASX 0.15% and the Shanghai Comp. 0.85%...
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GBP Takes A Dive On The Back Of Weaker Production Numbers
11 months ago

GBP takes a dive on the back of both weaker production numbers, as well as a widening in the trade deficit, which is now at levels seen in late 2016.  This will make a big dent in the Q1 GDP figures unless we see a mater...
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