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Market Recap: Risk Sentiment In Asia Remains Negative As Stocks Sell Off
2 years ago

Over in the Asia Pac are there was a sea of red overnight, the Nikkei 225 lost 0.59% of its value, ASX -0.15% and the Shanghai Comp. -0.11%. We could see a quiet afternoon as it is Labour Day in the US and markets a...
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Gold Long Term Vs. Short Term
2 years ago

The Gold weekly chart looks to be suggesting the potential for a consolidation area. A few weeks ago, commodities traders were panicking about the break of the $1200/oz area and wondered if the trend would ever end. Since hit...
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Market Recap: New Chinese Trade Tariffs Set To Be Added
2 years ago

US indices closed in the red yesterday as Donald Trump does not seem to be backing down on additional tariffs for China. The Dow was hit the hardest falling just over half a percent, in the Asia Pac area it was much of t...
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Market Recap: Trump Blames China For Stalling North Korea Talks
2 years ago

Strong session an Wall St. yesterday as the Nasdaq gained just under 1%. No such luck in the Asia Pacific area as the ASX (-0.01%) and the Shanghai Comp. (-0.86%) both closed lower and the only one to finish in the black...
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WTI Rises As DoE's Produce Draw
2 years ago

Spot WTI trades over 1% higher on the session now as the latest figures from the DoE produced a draw of -2.566M vs the expected -0.686M. Yesterday the API inventory levels depressed the price of oil after a build was rec...
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Market Recap: Brexit Deadline Pushed Back And New Fed Vice Chair Chosen
2 years ago

US equities closed just above flat yesterday with the Nasdaq outperforming up 0.15%. In the Asia Pacific area, it was pretty mixed the ASX closed 0.75% higher, while the Nikkei moved up 0.18% and the Shanghai Comp. was t...
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Copper Trade Deals Still In Balance
2 years ago

Copper price action has turned positive recently as hope returns of a trade deal between China and the US improve. Over the long weekend, Mexico and America managed to work out a deal although it greatly benefitted the US. Th...
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Market Recap: US And Mexico Reach A Deal - US Equities Rise Of Good Sentiment
2 years ago

After the US, Mexico (Canada and America still need to reach an agreement) agreed on a new trade deal equities in the US rose to new highs once again. The Dow jumped the most, trading higher by just over 1%, in the Asia ...
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Market Recap: Australia Have A New PM And US - China Trade Talks Stall
2 years ago

It was a negative close on Wall St. yesterday with the Dow the main laggard down 0.30%. However, over in the Asia Pac area there was a sea of green, Nikkei 225 closed 0.82% higher, Shanghai Comp. 0.35% and the ASX 0.05%....
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Market Recap - Welcome To The Longest Equities Bull Run In History
2 years ago

The longest bull market in history was completed by a mixed close on Wall St. The Dow traded 0.34% lower, while the S&P traded just under flat and the Nasdaq gained 0.38%. Over in the Asia Pac area, it was much of th...
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Market Recap - Positive Session In The US As The S&P Breaks The Previous Wave High To Trade 0.21% Higher
2 years ago

Another positive session in the US as the S&P breaks the previous wave high to trade 0.21% higher. Over in the Asia Pac area, the Nikkei 225 was the clear outperformer rising 0.58%, while the ASX (-0.29%) and th...
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Oil - IEA Have Noted Increases In Production Levels From Iran And Russia
2 years ago

In a report from the IEA, the body suggested that Saudi Arabia and Russia have increased oil production to counter loss from sanctions (Iranian). We also noted that the US is able to release some of their strategic petro...
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