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Market Recap - Equities Mixed In Asia And Trump Promises 5% Growth
10 months ago

Significant movement on various FX pairs yesterday, but how did the commodities and indices perform? Earnings in the States are carrying US bourses higher, yesterday all three indices rose with the Dow Jones...
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Market Recap - Commodities Breath A Sigh Of Relief As The USD Backs Off
10 months ago

What a way to start your week! All three major US bourses traded in the green yesterday with the Nasdaq outperforming up 0.65%. In the Asia Pacific area, it was pretty much the same apart from the ASX which fell 0.30%. In ...
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Market Recap - Trump Claims To Be Winning Trade War
10 months ago

Once again it was a mixed session in the Asia Pac area as trade wars dominate the markets. The Nikkei closed flat, while the ASX rose 0.62% and the Shanghai Comp. lost 1.33% of its value. The trade disputes do not seem t...
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Market Recap - Markets Tentative Ahead Of Non Farm Payroll
10 months ago

US markets closed mixed yesterday as the Dow traded lower by 0.03% while the S&P (0.49%) and Nasdaq (1.24%) moved higher. In the Asia Pac region, markets were very tentative ahead of today's non-farm payrolls. Elsewhe...
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Mixed Picture In Commodities As Oil Rallies
10 months ago

Commodities traders are scratching their heads this afternoon as correlations lose all meaning.  Gold has taken another hit today and is edging to the previous wave lows on the daily charts ($1211.65/oz) as safe-...
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GBP Levels Into The BoE - And After!
10 months ago

Today's big event is the BoE announcement. What traders will be looking out for is not only whether the MPC will pull the trigger and hike rates, but also what the vote split will be.  Anything which suggests 2 ...
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Market Recap - Shares Slide Again & FOMC Offers Little To Inspire Markets
10 months ago

Shares in the US fell yesterday as the earnings season is proving to be rocky. In the Asia Pac region the sentiment followed through as the Nikkei 225 (-1.07%) and Shanghai Comp. (-2.06%) fell heavily. This is said to be...
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Market Recap - Equities Struggle As Trump Threatens More Tariffs
10 months ago

After a few negative days, the major US bourses closed positive yesterday, all trading higher around half a percent. In the Asia Pac area, the Nikkei 225 (0.83%) was the only index in the black after more talk of tariffs last...
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Minimal Response To EU Growth Of 0.3% Over Q2
10 months ago

Eurozone growth over Q2 came in at a meagre 0.3%, which when compared to 4.1% in the US looks pretty anemic.  Inflation is creeping higher though, and with the core rate a little better than the 1.0% expected, this ...
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Market Recap - Shares In Asia Recover After The BoJ Hang On To Their QE To Infinity Policy
10 months ago

After a negative session in Wall St. shares in the Asia Pac region remained flat after the BoJ confirmed it will keep its ultra-loose monetary policy stance. There had been rumours that the BoJ could reign in QE as it se...
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Market Recap - Shares Subdued Leading Into A Data Packed Week
10 months ago

On a key week with the FOMC, BoE and non-farm payrolls, the shares markets have started the week subdued. The Nikkei 225 traded lower by 0.73%, ASX -0.35% and Shanghai Comp. -0.49%.  Commodities markets also look weak...
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Market Recap - Mixed Equities Overnight As Earnings Dictate Play
10 months ago

Mixed close on Wall St. yesterday as earnings dictated the play, the Nasdaq closed lower by 1%, while, the Dow remained positive closing 0.44% higher. In the Asia Pac session, the ASX (0.89%) and Nikkei (0.49%) traded we...
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