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Brexit - Where Do We Currently Stand?
1 year ago

Over the course of the year, GBP has been pretty volatile due to the uncertainty over the Brexit negotiations, which are now hitting crunch time as the clock ticks closer to the March 2019 exit date. At this point, in order t...
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Market Recap: Equities Trade Well As Traders And Investors Look Forward To China And US Talks
1 year ago

It was a positive session over in the States yesterday with the Nasdaq the outperformer up 0.75%. Over in the Asia Pacific area indices traded slightly mixed as the ASX (0.62%) and Nikkei (1,19%) both closed higher ...
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Market Recap: Equites Mixed Once Again As The US Announce They Are Ready To Meet China Once More
1 year ago

Another mixed close on Wall St. as tech stocks were under pressure, the Nasdaq closed lower by 0.23%. The Asia Pacific indices also traded mixed with the Nikkei 225 trading higher by nearly 1%, the ASX losing 0.76% of it...
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2019 Global oil demand growth slowing to 1.41 Mln BPD
1 year ago

Spot WTI remains muted following the release of the latest OPEC monthly report. OPEC stated they see 2019 Global oil demand growth slowing to 1.41 Mln BPD, that's down 20,000 BPD they cite trade tensions as...
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Market Recap: Asian Equities Trade Mixed
1 year ago

Good session for equities in the US with the Nasdaq outperforming up 0.61%. Over in the Asia Pacific area, all the major bourses were subdued, Nikkei -0.24%, ASX -0.08% and Shanghai Comp. -0.07%. Overnight China old...
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Market Recap: The Republicans Propose Another Tax Cut
1 year ago

Over in the US, it was a mixed close yesterday, Nasdaq closed higher by 0.27%, S&P jumped 0.19% and the Dow fell 0.23%. It was much of the same in the Asia Pacific area, the Nikkei 225 rose 1.26%, The ASX gained 0.62...
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Market Recap: Trump Threatens China Once Again And Japanese GDP Comes In Higher Than Expectations
1 year ago

A brand new week and Trump can't help but threaten China again! Overnight in the Asia Pacific session, the Nikkei 225 was the on course to be in the back trading higher by 0.31%. The ASX traded lower by 0.03%...
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The Truth About Leverage And What It Means For You
1 year ago

Everyone has heard of ESMA, but do you understand what it is, and how it impacts you? ESMA stands for the European Securities and Markets Authority. They have now decided to change the leverage restrictions for non-pr...
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Market Recap: Asian Equities Trade Mixed As It Looks Like Trump May Come After Japan
1 year ago

Once again it was a mixed session in the States with the Dow the only index closing in the black. Tech stocks once again struggled as the Nasdaq fell 0.91%. Over in the Asia Pac area, it was much of the same, the Shangha...
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Market Recap: Trump Still Not Ready To Deal With China Issues
1 year ago

Indices in the US closed mixed yesterday with the Dow trading higher by 0.09% and the underperforming Nasdaq losing 1.19% of its value as tech stocks struggled. In the Asia Pacific area, it was a sea of red overnigh...
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Market Recap: Equities Trade In The Red And Brexit Sentiment Turns Sour
1 year ago

Equities in the US traded in the red yesterday with the Nasdaq down the most (-0.23%). The Asia Pacific area followed suit with the Nikkei falling 0.44%. ASX -1% and the Shanghai Comp. -1.17%. There were some interesting...
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Market Recap: Equities Traded Mixed Overnight And The US Dollar Firms As Trade Tensions Intensify
1 year ago

Shares in the Asia Pacific region traded mixed yesterday as the ASX (-0.28%) and the Nikkei (-0.10%) closed lower, while the Shanghai Comp. rose 1.11%. The US bourses were closed due to a public holiday and there were re...
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