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Market Recap: Flow Moves Over To Fixed Income Markets As Stocks Sell Off
4 years ago

Indices over in the US closed in the red with the Nasdaq the main underperformer down 1.81%, this came as risk sentiment shifted over to yields. It was much of the same for the Nikkei 225 which closed 0.58% lower, although, t...
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DXY: Retesting Before Going Higher?
4 years ago

Following on from my article Tuesday, the US Dollar seems to be moving exactly as anticipated. On Wednesday price broke through our 95.50 level of resistance for the first time since early August and managed a stron...
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Silver - Could We See A Short-Term Pull Away From The Gold Correlation
4 years ago

The younger brother of gold has been selling off in recent times as global sentiment is pushing precious metals lower. Unlike gold, silver does have some industrial and medical purpose, so fundamentals may not exactly ma...
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Market Recap: Equities Trade Mixed As Powell Talks Rates
4 years ago

Equities traded in the black in the US yesterday as the Nasdaq outperformed trading higher by 0.21%. Over in the Asia Pac area, the Japanese Nikkei closed lower by 0.61% and the ASX moved half a percent higher. One of th...
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Market Recap: Gold Steals The Show With 1.21% Growth In Value
4 years ago

Once again it was a mixed day in equities, across the pond the Dow was the only index to finish higher while the Nasdaq closed lower by nearly half a percent as major tech names struggled. Over in Japan, the Nikkei 225 fell 0...
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Market Recap: RBA Left Rates Unchanged And Equities Trade Lower
4 years ago

Indices in the US traded mixed yesterday with the Nasdaq the underperformer down 0.11%. Over in the Asia Pacific area markets traded in a subdued fashion, the Nikkei 225 fell slightly trading lower by 0.07% and the ASX l...
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Gold: Will All The Downside Pressure Be Priced In
4 years ago

In recent months, the strength of the USD has been pretty overpowering, with gains backed up by the Fed on a clear path of policy tightening which has led to 3 rate hikes of 25bps this year and another anticipated in the Dec ...
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Market Recap: Chinese Equities Are Closed For A Public Holiday And USA - Canada Reach A NAFTA Deal
4 years ago

Equities in the Asia Pac area traded mixed overnight with the Shanghai Comp. in China closed for a national holiday. In Japan, the Nikkei 225 rose just above half a percent and Australia's ASX was the laggard and tra...
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History of Gold: A Timeless Tale
4 years ago

For many of us, Gold is just something that has been around since time began, but the precious metal has an extensive history throughout the human race and has played a vital role in how the financial markets have evolved int...
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Is Gold The Safe Haven For When The US Dollar Collapses?
4 years ago

Why does the value of the US Dollar affect the price of Gold? Gold and the US Dollar were associated between 1900 and 1971, during this time the Gold Standard was employed meaning the value of a unit of currency was tied t...
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Market Recap: Nikkei Trades At The Highest Level Since 1991
4 years ago

US equities were dragged up by the Nasdaq yesterday which posted a 0.65% move higher. Equities in the Asia Pac area followed suit with the Nikkei trading 1.37% higher, hitting its highest level since 1991, China's Sh...
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Equities Lose Ground Following The FOMC Rate Decision And Comments
4 years ago

Following the FOMC rate decision and press conference, US indices lost ground with the Dow underperforming, falling 0.40%. It was much the same in the Asia Pac area as the Nikkei fell 0.82%, Shanghai Comp dropped 0.49% a...
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