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GOLD: Continues To Soar And Hits 10-Week Highs
3 years ago

Gold continues to soar today as the Commodity hits 10-week highs with increased demand in the safe haven amid the growing tension between the United States and Saudi Arabia regarding a missing Saudi journalist who many think ...
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Market Recap: US Equities Slide Again And NZ CPI Beats Expectations
3 years ago

Equities slipped once again in America with the Nasdaq the worst performer down 0.88%. In the Asia Pacific area only the Shanghai Comp. followed the lead from Wall St. to trade 0.78% lower, while the Nikkei (1.14%) and A...
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Market Recap: Equities Slide In Asia And Saudi Tensions Push Oil Higher
3 years ago

Equities markets over in the Asia Pacific area continued to slide on the first trading day of the week despite Wall St. performing well on Friday. The Nikkei 225 fell 1.90%, ASX 0.99%, and the Shanghai Comp. lost 1....
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OIL: Will We See A 3-Figure Barrel Before Year End?
3 years ago

Could we be dawned by the possibility of a 3-figure barrel before the year-end? And what does this mean for you? Last week Wednesday hit a huge milestone for the price of Oil when it achieved 4-year highs. Despite a r...
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Market Recap: Asian Equities Bounce Back
3 years ago

Over in the States, the stock market rout continues with the Dow worst affected down 2.13%. It was a completely different story in the Asia Pacific area as the Nikkei 225 rose 0.56%, ASX 0.20%, and Shanghai Comp. 0....
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Market Recap: Equities Markets Sell Off As Major ETF Outflows Are Noted
3 years ago

Risk finally caught up with markets yesterday in spectacular fashion as the US bourses capitulated. Equities in the Asia Pacific area also felt the effect of the sell-off, as the Nikkei (-3.96%), ASX (-2.74%) and Shanghai Com...
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Gold: Upside Potential To $1208 On The Cards
3 years ago

There may be a shift in bias on the cards for Gold, this week is unfolding very interestingly in the markets. The technicals are painting a vivid picture between Dollar pairs and the commodity, Gold found support at arou...
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Trump Says He Feels The Fed Are Hiking Too Fast
3 years ago

Another mixed day for equities over in the US, the Nasdaq traded 0.03% higher while the Dow fell 0.21%. No such problems in the Asia Pacific area as the Nikkei (0.08%), Shanghai Comp. (0.02%) and ASX (0.14%) all trade hi...
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Oil Prices Still Rising Against Dollar Strength
3 years ago

Commodities have all taken a hit off the back of USD strength in recent months - with the notable exception of Oil.  As the lifeblood of manufacturing, higher USD levels have naturally had little, if any impact on this c...
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Market Recap: Oil Shoots Higher
3 years ago

Equities traded mixed on Columbus day in the US, the Dow rose 0.15% as the Nasdaq (-0.67%) and S&P 500 (-0.04%) fell. Over in the Asia Pacific area, it was a sea of red after the Nikkei 225 fell 1.34%, ASX dropped 1% and ...
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Market Recap: China Comes Back To Market And Cuts The RRR Rate
4 years ago

After the negative close on Friday in the US following the weak NFP data, markets in the Asia Pacific area have followed suit. The Nikkei 225 was closed today for a public holiday, the ASX lost 1.38% of its value and the...
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History Of United States Currency
4 years ago

Currency became prevalent in America during the late 1600's, the Colonial period. The colonists quickly discovered that they needed a paper currency to help them manage the active trade economy that was unfolding in the N...
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