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EXPOSED: What The Broker Doesnt Want You To Know - Part 2
10 hours ago

Here is the much-anticipated Part 2 of What The Broker Doesn't Want You To Know, written by an ex-broker! Follow me on Instagram by clicking here Why would a broker have two different “books”? Every...
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S&P500s January Gains, A Sign Of Things To Come?
4 days ago

A Wall Street adage goes as follows “So goes January, goes the year”. Meaning, January played out well and so will the rest of the year.  Since 1950, there have only been 9 contradictions to the January Ba...
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How To Invest In UBER Before It Goes Public
1 week ago

Everyone seems to have used Uber or at least heard of the convenient service, making it a lucrative service to hold shares in. With the company looking to go public in a few months, many are wondering how they can invest in U...
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What to expect from today's non-farm payroll???
2 weeks ago

How Will The US Government SHUTDOWN affect the result??? Let's find out here... January's non-farm payrolls figure is expected to be distorted by the mass of unpaid government workers who will be classed as &#...
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Silver prices shoot higher and we might not be done yet!
2 weeks ago

Like its big brother gold, silver has been rallying in recent times as the pace of QT (quantitative tightening) looks like it may be slowing. Looking at the weekly chart it's clear to see the price has broken some im...
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EXPOSED: What The Broker Doesnt Want You To Know - Part 1
2 weeks ago

Uncovering The Secrets Of A Retail Broker!   In order to trade the financial markets, you need a broker, but many don't understand the dark secrets brokers keep from their clients. This article is one of many, ...
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GOLD: The Gold Rush Continues to $1325.00
2 weeks ago

Last weeks Gold analysis was shot out of the water on hopes that the U.S. Federal Reserve will keep interest rates unchanged during its 2-day policy meeting later this week. Mooning to almost 1304.00 on Friday afternoon, Gold...
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Whats Driving Oil Prices?
3 weeks ago

The oil market is in a very fine balance point at the moment. Since we entered the new year sentiment has been positive as Russia and Saudi Arabia have said they are looking to bolster the market by cutting production. Not on...
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GOLD: Tumbled As Expected, Great Buy Opportunity From $1245.00
3 weeks ago

After a couple of weeks of consolidation trapped inside a wedge, Gold has finally taken a tumble as expected. There is still plenty of downside potential for the precious metal with an initial retracement to the 1266.00 area ...
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GOLD: Price Is Being Squashed And Bears May Take Control
4 weeks ago

Gold this week has found itself in a wedge awaiting a breakout in either direction. As stated in last week's article we have still failed to see the chart print a new higher high indicating the Bulls may be running out of...
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GOLD: The Fall to $1266.0 Is Looming
1 month ago

Following last week's long-term, maybe a little "out-there" outlook for the future of Gold, I have come back down to planet earth this week for a more short-medium term prediction for the precious metal!  ...
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OIL: Is The Price Set to Rise?
1 month ago

Oil has had a very turbulent year as many investors thought the commodity was going to peak towards the $100 a barrel mark following an eclipse of the $77 a barrel (WTI Benchmark) achieved in October. Since the Peak Oil price...
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