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Blame the endowment effect
1 month ago

Are you finding yourself emotionally attached to all your trades? Do you usually tend to move stop-losses because you trust too much in your position? Do you tend to be greedy while you are trading your favourite pairs? &hell...
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Currency pairs are a lot like people -they have their own personalities!
1 month ago

During the last couple of months, I have discovered that one of the things that boost anyone’s trading performance is to learn the “personalities” of the pairs they are trading. When I refer to “person...
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Oil shoots higher after inventory draw
1 month ago

Oil traders are bullish today after weeks of inventory builds have now been broken. Here is a breakdown of the report: Crude -1.699MM, Exp. +3.00MM Gasoline -3.107MM Distillates -2.715MM Cushing +1.506MM Produc...
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GOLD: Have we reached the end of the tether now?
2 months ago

Golds rise has come off the back of geopolitical tensions and Central Bank easing globally but, where is it headed next..?  Since the end of Q1 gold has risen roughly 15% currently sitting at 1487 at the time of writi...
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Which stock should you invest in next?
2 months ago

Let me present to you the 'mineral of the future', Lithium! This metal is the basic component for the manufacture of cell phone batteries, computers, electric cars and all kinds of other electronic d...
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WTI: In Store For Further Downside?
2 months ago

It's no surprise that Oil has taken a hammering of late, whipping out all of its gains from the Saudi attack and currently trading at 52.92 dollars per barrel at the time of writing. Global demand is decreasing whilst sup...
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DXY: Ready to roar?
2 months ago

The choppy trend higher in the dollar has been a slow one and tested the patience of even the veteran trader. The last two weeks have given us some bearish price action on the index but, this has to lead us into a major suppo...
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Timing: the most undervalued indicator by day traders
2 months ago

“The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient” If you don't know who is the author of that quote, then you must do a bit of research as it is one of the most well-kn...
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What is the Brexit timeline for October and November? Dates every trader should be aware of
2 months ago

Brexit has already proven to be very complicated but those weeks have been crunch time for negotiations in both, the EU and the UK. The Byzantine process is impacting the market once again, with massive volatility across all ...
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S&P500: Who will win the tug of war, bulls or bears?
2 months ago

The S&P has been struggling of late to sustain any rally above the 3000 handle and as a result, showed two clear rejections giving us potentially a nice double top. The market took a slight dip this morning on headlines t...
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Good Traders vs. Good Trades
2 months ago

The majority of the traders in this industry want spectacular results, without preparation. It is not a surprise, after all, that's what social media has been selling us, easy results, easy profits, easy life. However, if...
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Oil: Wiped out all its gains, down 15% in 12 trading days!
2 months ago

Since the Saudi attack on Oil (WTI) has wiped out all of its gains a mere 15% in 12 trading days with only 1 of those days being a green day. The significance of this reiterates and confirms the bearish view I have had on Oil...
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