What a day!! Something tells me its not over

Published date: 23/08/2019

I will make this quick as its a Friday night and I know you all want to go out!

It is supposed to be a cosy summers day and the main event was due to be Fed Chair Powell's Jackson Hole Speach.

There goes that theory as 30 mins before US stock markets open China unleashed a bombshell by enacting tariffs on US good entering the country from oil, to agricultural products and even car parts.

Trump then waited for Jerome Powell's speech at 3pm London time. He then went absolutely mental on twitter after Powell disappointed once again.

He said he doesn't know who the biggest enemy of the US is, Powell or Xi, strong words.

The Donald then promised a retaliation this afternoon but he is still locked in talks with his trade team. 

Watch this space for more updates!


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