Stop Relying On ETF's, They Do Not Matter.

Published date: 24/08/2018

Times are changing, the SEC are rejecting ETF proposals faster than a bouncer when he sees you at the club door without smart attire on, yet the market is barely moving a few Dollars from the news another ETF dream has been shut down. For me, this has been long awaiting and quite frankly, has been driving me insane over the past few months with regards to how much speculative capital was being driven towards the rumour of a BTC ETF launching and sending the market on a consistent volatile frenzy as all hope of profits became derived on a successful ETF approval. I’ll say this now, the ETF has nothing to do with the future of this market and especially is not a crucial factor that determines how well this market does over time. I can mention countless events that continue popping up In the media as the next reasoning for a market surge or meltdown, for example all Asian news regarding ‘bans’ or even the Chinese New Year excuses for the market collapse have been considerable reasons for investors to stay clear of the market or even worse, find attachment on these false reasonings as to why their investments have been losing value over time. 

If it isn’t clear already, none of these excuses make the slightest of differences as behind the scenes even speculative capital has come to a halt for price to be effected, the only cause right having a fundamental impact on the value of the cryptocurrency market is still the large institutions and miners controlling the ‘big fish’, more precisely: BTC & ETH. The media like to pull on viewers heartstrings more than many wish to admit and they do this by placing false accusations and ties with random causes of what could be impacting the market, when in reality, it’s the same forces pulling the strings all along whilst cover-ups are placed to keep investors latched onto these excuses. If time has proven anything, none of these reasons have ever mattered and a new excuse is formed pretty much within monthly cycles, the new hype being ETF’s. 

If the sole reliance of the cryptocurrency markets future was dependant on a BTC ETF being launched, I definitely would not have my money invested into a marketplace with no further hope for its future longevity besides a tradable fund for cryptocurrency. This is merely a forceful distraction from the actual developments going on behind the scenes within the blockchain & crypto space that far outweigh a stupid ETF from being launched & allowing a new asset class of investors to enter the market, because in reality, it will be the same entities pulling the strings that actually end up dumping millions of Dollars into ETF’s once launched anyway. Don’t become a victim of distraction and loss of faith because the ETF continues being pushed back further, because it’s already clear it will be approved and I can almost guarantee that it will be once the bull run kicks off, the same way last year we saw heaps of excellent news being flung into the mainstream headlines once the money train kickstarted. 

The market has fallen for one simple reason: 

Speculative capital from last year is either still within the market holding strong or has already exited with huge profits ready to re-enter at levels such as the ones we’re at now. This means we need NEW capital to enter the market as the majority has already participated and will not re-invest until signs are clear of new capital being propelled into the alts and BTC. This new capital does not care about an ETF, because by the time the ETF is launched the big gains made from investing at these prices now will be long gone, the new money funnily enough is already slowly investing into the market and they’re doing so because of DEVELOPMENTS, ADOPTION and PARTNERSHIPS - The most crucial and important factors that should be dictating your own investments in this market. It’s not rocket science, but it’s definitely hard to grasp when you’re being informed about ETF setbacks 24/7, seemingly the only news I ever stumble upon these days without making an effort. It’s only once I branch out into individual cryptocurrency research that I begin to find the hidden gems people are too blind to stumble upon themselves. 

Ever hear the phrase: 

“So much good news but price is still falling!!!”

I most certainly do, several times a day in fact. Why do you think that is? Because the majority of the market investors don’t even know this good news exists, how could they when all that’s publicised to the general public is negativity and ‘setbacks’?


  • Stop Relying On ETF's, They Do Not Matter.
    b says:


  • Stop Relying On ETF's, They Do Not Matter.
    Christopher Szulc says:

    As always. Good stuff T. Everyone involved in these markets should read these articles.

  • Stop Relying On ETF's, They Do Not Matter.
    sam says:

    what sat price is a good buy for zrx

  • Stop Relying On ETF's, They Do Not Matter.
    Justin Bell says:

    Great article. All of these ETF articles are nothing but a distraction and FUD.

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