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Shaun Lee


Shaun was born and raised in Northern England. Upon completion of his initial studies, he completed an advanced electrical engineering apprenticeship and training for a major world-renowned power firm.

After 3 years in professional training at the power firm, he was introduced to the world markets where he unearthed his passion for the foreign exchange sector. While working he used his spare time to master the FX market, which then led him to promptly quit his job and pursue a full-time trading career.

His trading experience inspired him to write his own book on self-fulfillment, which is available on Amazon, titled "The Yusa Guide To Balance". He is profoundly invested in a conscious lifestyle, which involves sharing his knowledge and experience on clean eating, super foods, juicing, mindfulness, meditation and pushing the boundaries of self-limitation.

Trading History:
Shaun has currently been trading for over 7 years and his success has contributed to recognition as one of Europe's finest technical experts, where many prevalent world-trading associations have utilised his trading articles. His market expertise has also allowed him to mentor aspiring traders at one of the U.K's leading schools of trading, AstroFX.



Trading Style


Shaun's trading style consists of utilising the longer-term momentum of a given currency pair combined with the recognition of price action in a discretionary manner.

An average trading month may consist of 1-14 executions with a position holding duration of roughly 1-4 days. Shaun will often take advantage of select intraday positions if required by market conditions.

A favoured analytical tool for Shaun is Fibonacci. His deeper understanding behind the sequence gives him a greater advantage when specifying waveforms in the market. He also has a peripheral gift for pure candlestick recognition.



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