OIL: One Final Push Before The Big Drop?

Published date: 13/05/2019

A commodity plagued by supply and demand like non-other. Reaching a high of $66.50 before forming a large reversal pattern. Looking at the 4-hourly chart we can see a clean head and shoulders pattern. We look to be coming back to $63.00 per barrel level to re-test the underside of the neckline. Let's dig into this a little bit further as there could be a larger move at play. 

Looking at the Monthly and Weekly charts, we can see that we looked to have formed a new lower swing high just below our weekly resistance at $67.00. If we take a fib from our 2018 high to our 2018, we can see its come into a very nice region, and given us bearish candlestick formations -two confluences already!

The $63.00 level really starts to take shape on the 4-hour chart, showing us a clear line in the sand and great support/resistance as well. A clear rejection of this level and its further downside in my opinion, quickly as well. A break and closure above this level and the trade is invalidated, with minimal risk laid out. Our first target would be $60.50 then further downside at $58/$57 giving us a great risk to reward. 



  • OIL: One Final Push Before The Big Drop?
    Kevin Nicholas says:

    Is this still valid as the price has gone so much higher ? Cheers

  • OIL: One Final Push Before The Big Drop?
    Farhan says:

    does this mean gold will fall too?

  • OIL: One Final Push Before The Big Drop?
    darien says:

    oil aligning nicely with the fib too testing prev res as support!!

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