EFX Analyst Traders

Jon Dollery


Jon was born in Canada, and raised in the South of England. Brought up in a family of finance, he was provided with great insight into trading from an early age.

Jon initially pursued a career as a football player and managed to achieve professional status. He went on to play full-time internationally for PS Kemi and Heidelberg United. It was during this time that he started to trade in between training sessions, and quickly established his love for the financial markets.

Trading History

After years of trading alongside his football career, Jon progressed to make trading his full-time commitment. A few of the foreign exchange market’s most reputable analysts took Jon under their wing, and he has since continued to develop and excel in the area.


Trading Style

Jon specialises in technical analysis and he particularly enjoys trading the Asian currency pairs due to the high volumes and fast-paced movements that occur, as well as the psychological levels certain currency pairs respect.

An average trading month may consist of 4-5 executions with a position holding duration of roughly 4-5 days. Jon upholds consistency whilst making his trading decisions without hesitation.

He has flexibility throughout a range of Asian pairs, which stride from tick analysis and breakout execution whilst coalescing his sentiment with key U.S. data.

Monthly PIP Count

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