GBP to start hotting up as election day nears

Published date: 02/12/2019

It may seem some time away, but with December, a new month brings the general election in the UK, and one which will have greater bearing due to Brexit, which is now waiting in the wings as we wait to see whether Boris Johnson can return to power and deliver the EU exit as he has promised.  

The polls are the only driving force on the Pound these days, with data having minimal impact as we have seen in the past month - ignoring all metrics, including growth and labour stats.  In the current climate, the Conservatives are leading Jeremy Corbyn and the opposition by a comfortable margin, but this has fluctuated a little in the past week or so.  

Last week, we saw some surveys pointing to an 11-12 point lead, with the MRP poll of 100,000 people suggesting the Conservatives will win the election by a comfortable majority.  Over the weekend though, Survation was the latest poll to release its results, which shows Labour has cut the Tory lead back to 9 points, though at this stage, this is not too much of a concern.


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