Today's Technicals


Shaun Lee

EUR/USD Forecast
GBP/JPY 140.00 Done & Dusted!

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EUR/USD: The pair ran into a key area of resistance in yesterday's New York session and the price is now stalling at a critical region, which could formulate a new lower swing high on the H4 time frame. 1.1815-20 is my key area of daily resistance, and after yesterday's price jump of approx. 80 PIPs, the pair may now hold this region and provide us with some bearish P.A. As stated yesterday, a bearish price swing is expected toward the region of 1.1620.

GBP/AUD: Price suggests further downside. 1.6000 monthly support is now my next target point for the pair.

GBP/JPY: 140.00 has finally been met. Not to mention, with precision! I expect the price to come back to this monthly support region. Maybe today or tomorrow. I will have to take a step back over the next few days in order to mentally map the pair's next move: break or bounce.


Aman Natt

USD/CAD Forecast
GBP/USD Awaits Breakout From Consolidation Zone
EUR/GBP Price Headed Toward 0.92000

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As we analysed and forecasted yesterday, we continue the price meltdown back toward 1.25000.Yesterday, we closed with a shooting star candle stick; this formation gives us heavy indication of bearish price action. 
Currently trading at 1.25500, we anticipate another 50 PIP run, potentially in the next few days, finding support level around the 1.25000 area.

Remains indecisive and trapped between a 50-60 PIP range, between 1.28500 - 1.29000. This will be the sixth trading day, as we remain sideway in price, awaiting the next move. 


Quillan Black

USD/JPY Forecast

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USD/JPY: Bullish momentum is on the rise with UJ after that 100% retrace, then showing many sellers' exhaustion candle patterns. If at 109.455, we could see a push toward the new major level of resistance around 109.750.

NZD/USD: Strong level of resistance being respected again with a bounce back to the downside after breaking the triangle pattern. Overall H4 downtrend could be continuing at the break of 0.73080 and giving the market the possibility of breaking the daily overall structure. 


Jon Dollery

AUD/USD 0.79250 causing real problems
EUR/JPY 128.000 Strong Hammer Candle off 128.000
AUD/JPY Did We Just Re-Test The Consolidation Break

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AUDUSD:- We witnessed yesterday's close back above 0.79250. This did not happen with any real conviction, however my preferred bias on this pair is to go higher. We may have to be patient and ride the waves, as there seems to be a slowdown in liquidity for this pair. If we could have another positive day for the AUD to the upside then I could think about 0.8100 being a target. If we close below the weekly key level, then depending on candle stick formations, I would have to reconsider my position on the pair. 

EURJPY:- A strong Hammer Candle coming off of the support base at 128.000: I have highlighted in the picture both 4HR and daily time frames. The higher time frame suggests that we could be bouncing from key level to key level. I would expected 129.500 to at least be hit on this pair. If we have another strong day today, then the price may well go re-visit 130.000.

AUDJPY:- Smaller time frame analysis suggests that this pair may have broken out of a small sideways period before retesting that zone. Over night we have seen the price rise 30 PIPs. This could be similar to an A-B-C-D pattern. 88.000 remains a key price point within this market.