Euro Vs the US Dollar (USD) is the most Liquid & popular currency crosses traded throughout the Foreign exchange industry & the entire world. It is easy to forget that fewer than 20 years ago the pair didn’t even exist. With the highest traded volume running through the pair each day traders will often use the pair in correlation with the USDollar index. (60% Correlated).

Compared to the other major currency pairs traded in the forex market, EUR/USD history is relatively brief. Nevertheless, the common currency for the European Union came about as the collective countries who adopted the singular currency merged together in unison - this led to the increasing monetary unification of Europe and the adoption of the Euro by the participating nations. Generally, the EUR/USD is offered at a low price (spread Cost) by a large majority of brokers & this attracts a lot of short-term, intraday traders which can lead to further market manipulation and "Tricky' Price action. 

Throughout the last 3 years, the pair has communicated a lot of indecisiveness against the USD dollar alongside a few of the other major currency pairs. Technically, it was trapped between a choppy range which was eventually broken at the start of 2017 & now it's anticipated that brighter days are ahead for the currency overall with a recovery that could last a sustainably long time.