EFX Analyst Traders

Bernard Doran


Bernard was born and raised in the South of England and has established himself as a consistent and successful retail trader within the industry. Implementing his knowledge of investments, he has become a majority shareholder in many construction businesses.

He introduced himself to trading the foreign exchange market to add to his portfolio of investments. Bernard quickly grasped this concept and obtained the skills necessary to create a consistent return from the fx market, whilst continuing to add to his investments.

Since getting involved 9 years ago, Bernard continues to manage his other assets that have prospered alongside understanding the Foreign Exchange market. However, he now utilises his trading as his priority full-time commitment.


Trading history
Bernard has traded professionally for 9 years now, having self-taught himself and has been guided by one of the top educational providers in the UK. He has continued to excel in all his investments and turned his passion for trading the foreign exchange market into his primary source of income, surpassing his array of other investments he has to date.




Trading Style

Bernard's trading is formulated from his understanding of money management and risk assessments. Although he firmly considers the medium to long-term forecast projections, he will trade primarily from intra-day time frames to allow the tightest of entries minimising the amount of risk. This requires discipline and patience that Bernard has had to develop over multiple years within the market.

On average, a trading month will consist of 8-12 executions. This is due to the sniper-like entries and long-term projections that Bernard adheres to. His sense of self-belief in his own technical ability allows him to hold onto trades for an extended period of time, thus allowing him to generate the most amount of profit from his trades.

A notable technique for execution would be the willingness to adapt to the intraday levels of support and resistance whilst dropping through multiple timeframes. Although he understands not every day is a trading day, Bernard will often wait for the highest days of volatility to find execution points from his previous supply and demand zones.


Monthly PIP Count

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