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Aman Natt


Aman was born and raised in the English Midlands. After completing his initial studies, he advanced to studying International Business at the university.

After just one year he felt disengaged and made the decision to leave the university and strive to become his own boss.

Aman quickly grasped the concept of foreign exchange trading, alongside proceeding down the path of starting his own business ventures to fulfill his vision of gaining his own freedom. He soon gained a deeper understanding behind the psychological aspects of business, which gave him an advantage in the field of trading.

His trading experience inspired him to become a motivational theorist and to inspire others by creating an entrepreneurial portal where he could connect and coach like-minded individuals to reach their full potential. He has furthermore been recognised and commended for his public speaking and FX lectures.

Trading History:
Aman has currently been trading for 8 years and his experience has allowed him to become an established mentor and joint owner of one of the U.K's most prominent schools of trading, AstroFX. Many of his articles have become viral in the world of trading.



Trading Style

Aman's trading style is formed from his application of a medium term outlook towards the market. This is based around key intraday levels alongside supply and demand, derived from major price congestion and accumulation points.

An average trading month may consist of 8-10 executions with a position holding duration of roughly 1-3 days. Aman has a swift eye for market reversals with a strong psychological outlook and understanding of trading smart and not often.

A favoured technique of analysis for Aman is that of relating market moving macroeconomics to actionable trade ideas day in and day out. He has a constructive ability in painting the picture of daily liquidity spots alongside average daily range reversal zones.


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