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GBP/JPY: SMASHING 130.000, Where to next?... | 3 hours ago

The Great British Pound is currently trading at 130.218 against the Japanese Yen during today's London ses...


USD/JPY: Looking to springboard to 108.000... | 1 day ago

Good Afternoon Traders welcome back to EverythingFX!  The US Dollar is currently trading at 106.430 ag...


Crypto Takeover -Is this the end of the FX market? | 2 weeks ago

I have been working in the field of FX for 10 years now and I hate to admit it but this could be the end of an...

Market News

Fed chair Powell - will act as appropriate | 1 hour ago

If anyone was expecting any surprises from the Fed chair this afternoon, they would have been disappointed. &n...


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