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GOLD: The Perfect Technical Play!
6 months ago

It seems the whole trading world has been short Gold since the start of March, and there was a good reason to be as well. $1350 is a major resistance level in the shining yellow commodity, we have not been above this price si...
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The FED - The Last Central Bank To Turn Dovish?
6 months ago

Since the start of the year, we have seen nearly all major economies turn bearish, hinting at potential rate cuts or at least pausing on their current hiking path to assess the impacts previous hikes. EUR/AUD/NZD/JPY are just...
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S&P500: All-Time Highs In Sight?
6 months ago

If I was to tell you that the S&P500 would be within 1% of all time highs just 74 days after crashing 20% in October 2018 you would think I am mad! Well, I'm not (at least I think I'm not) and you better believe i...
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Is Now The Time For Oil Shorts?
6 months ago

Calling a top in any market is hard enough in its own right, calling a top in the Oil market is near on impossible. The last four months in Oil have been nothing short of amazing (If you are an Oil bull) that is. Rising from ...
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Dollar Index Ready To Roll Over? Bears Set To Takeover
6 months ago

And we are here again, the dollar index is at the top of our range at $97.50. Since October 2018, we have been range bound on the index, from $95.00 to $97.50. Now, we can’t blindly jump in and short all Dollar pairs ju...
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OIL: Can Anything Stop Oil Reaching $64 Per Barrel
6 months ago

Fill up your vehicles, the cost of fuel is going up! Yesterday's climb higher in WTI was significant for a number of reasons, from a technical perspective we broke through a major resistance level at $60 per barrel, fi...
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S&P500 Is This The Start Of The Meltdown?
6 months ago

Over the weekend I was going through my analysis as normal, taking a look at the higher time frames and seeing how the weekly candles have closed. I open up the weekly chart of the S&P500 and see a beautiful shooting star...
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Copper Smacks Into Resistance At 2.9770
6 months ago

Copper markets are feeling the pinch as the global downturn hits the basic material once again. Overnight the Nikkei 225 fell 3% as investors fled for safety heading for the US 10-year. The US 10-year yield fell below the 3 m...
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Gold - Will the technicals or the fundamentals win?
6 months ago

A dovish Fed has given the shining commodity a welcome boost. Pushing up to a high of $1320, currently sitting at $1316 at the time of writing. Lower growth forecasts and pushing back on hikes were the main catalysts for...
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OIL: What Goes Up, Must Come Down!
7 months ago

As highlighted yesterday in our Market News article (click here to read), West Texas Intermediate (WTI) was looking very overextended and approaching our key resistance level at $60.00. We come just shy of our $60.00 resistan...
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EXPOSED: What The Broker Does Not Want You To Know - Part 3
7 months ago

So here we are guys, the finale to the trilogy, enjoy and comment below what you would like us to expose next. I want to educate you; and bring to light that at the end of the day, brokers are a business and...
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Silver, The Big Short?
7 months ago

A commodity that seems to respect key levels, very, very well is silver. Looking at the higher time frames inwards, you can see how well this has played out. Silver is almost a traders dream, when it goes in your favour it re...
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