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Is Trading FX Tax-free?
4 months ago

When it comes to trading and finally getting to enjoy the fruits of your labour, one of the biggest areas of curiosity and least educated topic areas is taxes. With the foreign exchange market being highly attractive and shor...
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OIL: Where To Next?
4 months ago

Looking at the daily chart we seem to be consolidating at the moment, with a range of 350 PIPs between $63.50-$60.00. The higher time frames show this especially well, given us no clear direction and a mixture of bullish and ...
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S&P500: Buy The Dip -Back Into Play?
5 months ago

The rhetoric for last year was certainly “Buy The Dip” - meaning, every time the stock market took a dip whether it be big or small was to simply buy it, regardless of the market sentiment or fundamental reasoning...
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5 months ago

When choosing the next best investment stock, the profit potential is the first thing we look for, of course. Which stocks are priced below current company performance? Is the stock priced below the average consensus?  ...
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Tesla - The share you should never sell, or should you?
5 months ago

We hear all the talk about the future being electric and reducing emissions that we produce in order to save what remains of our planet. But, what’s the reality of this technology coming into fruition? More importantly,...
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OIL: One Final Push Before The Big Drop?
5 months ago

A commodity plagued by supply and demand like non-other. Reaching a high of $66.50 before forming a large reversal pattern. Looking at the 4-hourly chart we can see a clean head and shoulders pattern. We look to be coming bac...
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Tariffs Crushing the S&P500
5 months ago

The almighty trade deal, going back and forth for which seems to be a lifetime. Trump seemingly saying a deal is all but guaranteed and will be signed any day now, but it takes two to tango. The other half of the deal, that b...
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DXY: The Mother Of All Breakouts Looming?
5 months ago

It seems for years I have been banging on about the Dollar Index and that dam overhead resistance at 97.50. Hundreds of Instagram videos and countless articles later, it breaks on a day that no one would have expected it too ...
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How to become a Marijuana Millionaire
5 months ago

This article will explain how an investment of $50,000 less than 3 years ago would now be worth over $1,000,000 today without getting your hands dirty. Worldwide spending on legal Marijuana is projected to grow a colossal ...
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GOLD: Losing its shine, but why?
5 months ago

Hi Traders and welcome back to EverythingFX. I'm writing to you from cloudy London and I just thought I would shed some light on why Gold has been falling against the Dollar and currently trading at $1269.47 per ounce. ...
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OIL: US announced a complete cutoff to Iran Oil exports on Monday causing Oil to spike
5 months ago

It seems it was a long time coming, but the inevitable has happened. Oil has broken above the strong resistance area and psychological number of $64.50/$65.00. The strong overhead resistance has been capping price for th...
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OIL: Playing Out Perfectly
6 months ago

Yesterday, late morning I updated a potential short trade idea on WTI for our EFX members. As highlighted multiple times in other free articles and videos, the $64.50/$64.75 region is a great resistance area for the commodity...
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