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Nasdaq Closed At Record Highs Once Again
1 year ago

Over in the States, the Nasdaq closed at record highs once again for the second day this week and the S&P and Dow traded largely flat. Over in the Asia Pac area markets traded mixed as the ASX (0.50%) and the Nikkei (0.36...
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Sharp Decline In The Price Of Oil, Currently Trading Around $64.87
1 year ago

We have just seen a sharp move down in WTI (5 min chart) after the U.S. government was said to have quietly asked Saudi Arabia and some other OPEC producers to increase their oil production by about 1 million barrel...
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EUR/USD - Where Could We Go Next?
1 year ago

EU retail sales is never a major mover of the EUR, but under the circumstances, could at least weigh little to cause some underperformance in the crosses. EUR/USD looks tired on the downside, so we are more likely to see a...
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Recap: US indices Traded In The Green Yesterday As The Tech Sector
1 year ago

US indices traded in the green yesterday as the tech sector outperformed, as the Nasdaq closed at record highs. In the Asia Pac area we have traded mixed, the Shanghai Comp. (0.48%) and Nikkei (0.27%) both traded in the black...
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Oil Breaks Support Level - 0.81% Lower On Today's Session
1 year ago

Goldman Sachs commented on oil markets this morning saying 'Robust US Oil Demand Trends Continued In March, Overall Demand Rose By 2.6% (Estimate 1.0%)' and looking forward they see 1.8 Mn BpdIn 2018 Gl...
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US Dollar Pullbacks With Expectations Of A Retracement
1 year ago

Markets have stumbled back into action today more than anything else, with the USD pullback testing some acknowledged levels against the majors but running into good support as rate differentials remain a key driver for some....
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Copper Is Trading 0.20% Higher This Morning
1 year ago

Asian shares made a move in the right direction as they react to last weeks jobs report, shrugging off negative sentiment from the trade wars. The Nikkei performed well rising 1.39%, ASX 0.59% and the Shanghai Comp. 0.60%, wi...
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Oil collapses from highs, expecting $64.30 to be achieved
1 year ago

Spot WTI has fallen heavily from highs since there has been a suggestion of OPEC removing the production cuts. At key support points, there have been bids entering the market which does suggest that traders are looking for a ...
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Gold has suffered from the strength in the US Dollar
1 year ago

Gold has suffered from the strength in the US Dollar of late and a strong payroll report didn't do much for the precious metal either. Moves to the upside are favorable if the trendline in the chart holds. Having said tha...
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Little reason to shy away from USD
1 year ago

The USD looks slightly toppy at these levels but that's not to say it will not retest the highs. Any close below 94 would be a strong indication that the market is fed up with the strong USD narrative.  The 95 level ...
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The tide has certainly turned in the EUR/USD...
1 year ago

Above is the daily chart and below is the weekly, currently they are painting two different pictures. From a technical perspective, the daily is looking like a trend following the pattern and a close on Monday below...
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Gold is looking at continuing its recent decline to reach $1200
1 year ago

What a run GOLD has embraced. After a breakout through the $1325 weekly res level with the most responsive retest as support, Price has rallied through the major $1350 level into a new and all-important supply region. Make...
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