The Order Of The Phoenix

Published date: 21/12/2018

It’s a cold December's evening over here in London. Christmas festivity is present all around, full of trees, Santas, twinkling lights & artificial snow in my apartment to recreate the ‘Lapland’ vibes of my childhood and yet despite all of this, all that floats throughout my mind is one simple lingering thought, when moon? 

I’m Joking, slightly.

This year has been monumental for the cryptocurrency market and has brought upon the world a rollercoaster ride 2017 couldn’t have prepared anybody for in the slightest. If BTC’s current price has forcefully erased all vivid, lovable memories of the past two years, allow me to recap briefly on some of my favourite:

We saw the likes of major market hero’s such as Bitconnect vanish into an artificial cloud of “wassup, wassup, wassuppppppp’s” and chilling memories of a music video that still haunt me to this day. But hey, for all of the memes that resulted from this, I can only say it was worth every second watching delusion turn to ashes, a very reoccurring theme this market has witnessed especially this year and something I’ll be touching upon further down this article.

What about the Centra ICO and their swift exit scam? Remember Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled’s reassuring touch of endorsement for unknowing investors? If not, maybe Mayweather’s iconic Instagram caption referring to making a “shit tonne of money off the Centra ICO” will do the trick. I mean, he wasn’t lying… Your contributions to the ICO raising $32Million definitely got those pockets of his extra hefty on payday. All part of the perks of an unregulated market and greed-driven humans aye? 

Makes me wonder why I held my crypto painstakingly for years when I could have just made an ICO for a non-existent product and exit scammed with millions of free donation money instead. 

The one train that has made its presence very clear upon every stop is the regulatory train, oh how we dearly love being emotionally tortured by the mainstream media and governments with consistent threats of bans and regulatory action. I’m pretty sure China ‘banned’ crypto around 17 times from last year to present, but a little look at the enormous  Asian exchange trading volumes and the fact that Chinese Mining Pools control over 70% of Bitcoin’s hash rate tells me they might need to brush up on those regulatory methods. Oh, did the 70% hash rate catch your attention? Good, more to follow on this as well. 

With all of the above in mind and some funky phrases from the likes of Jamie Dimon calling Bitcoin a “fraud” and the mainstream media outlets oozing bipolar disorder, thanks to articles bouncing from “Death of Bitcoin” to “Expert analyst projects 100K BTC next”, conveniently in synchronisation with whatever agenda Wall St. feels like deploying to the masses at any given moment, often leaving investors and retail traders in a confused state of psychological warfare… The question lies, has this been the worst year for crypto ever? 

Far from, it’s actually been the greatest year for crypto ever.

Unless you’re Vitalik Buterin who was accused of being a paedophile. 

Anyway, as I was saying, behind all of these meaningless shenanigans that have no impact on the future of this market, there’s a bubble that did pop this year. Not the cryptocurrency market, but the ICO market, the true definition of a bubble and arguably one of the bigger contributing factors to last year’s extraordinary rise and fall. You see, last year when we began seeing the ‘bubble’ articles surfacing I was struck to process how we could be in a bubble when adoption, mainstream popularity and retail investor capital had only truly begun leaving its footprint early on in 2017, this was until I started witnessing everybody around me with investment experiences spanning no further than buying a lottery ticket using the buzzword “ICO” and trying to convince ME, a seasoned investor in this market, where to put my money. 

Think about this for one second, alongside governmental manipulation in the crypto market, there are other, more catastrophic forces at play around us. Whilst government and financial manipulation on an institutional scale is definitely a factor in the market suffering major shakeups (especially with regulatory strikes and supposed 'bans'), the real volatility within the market does not come from sources such as these, technically considered 'controlled' volatility as it's all down to calculated and a well-timed combination of fearful marketing and propaganda. The biggest blessing and curse of the cryptocurrency market is the ordinary person, the regular working citizen within the lower, working and middle classes of society who are susceptible to these external factors causing weakness and irrationality much higher than prehistoric investors and those with less face-value for financial volatility. Those bound to the lower class, working & middle class are quite frequently susceptible to the 'get rich quick' scams, It's the volatility of these individuals emotions driving the volatility in prices, let me explain.

The ICO market was the perfect propaganda and ‘bubble’ effect for the ever-so-naive retail trader looking to make a very quick buck thanks to questionable ‘deals’ and offers made available by ICO’s, the most favourable method of innocent victim enticement being BONUS TOKENS and “70% EXTRA IN THE FIRST 3 HOURS”. Sounds a lot more ridiculous now that the market’s declined and the orgasmic euphoria of 70% price gain days are over, doesn’t it? This was the perfect recipe for scam artists to strike as Bitcoin & Ethereum had already gathered headlines for the price increase from March 2017 onwards, where suddenly everybody was flocking to buy that “Bitcoin stuff” without an ounce of research or second questioning, just delusional dreams and a desperate bid to make millions overnight, sell at the peak and vacate on their shiny new super yacht in Monaco. This is how scams are orchestrated and why they’ll never stop being effective, because the inner greed composed within our human tendencies only seems to worsen alongside the worsening global economical bubble, which I’ll throw out there from now will begin trickling its way into another economic crisis from 2019.

More on this however, the average annual salary here in the UK (one example) is around £27,500 GBP. After TAX & NI, the individual takes home just under £22,000 per year. Most people will never even see this money in their bank account as saving becomes harder due to inflation, slower wage growth, and several other fundamental factors. Those individuals fitting within this criteria of annual salary (bearing in mind net worth is usually far less than the annual salary overall), are considered to be within the common traps of society known as the 'Rat Race' or 'Corporate Chase' - a social construction created by higher beings to ensure we as humans stay fitting to the game as it's meant to be played and decided by the ‘elite'. Unless you're born with a silver spoon and a hefty backing of old money, unfortunately, we are all stuck by these boundaries as a starting point so-to-speak of a game designed to keep you locked tightly in a grip of corporate control and greed, becoming a guinea pig on a wheel to run the show of somebody else's vision. I often like to visualise society and life as a whole around The Hunger Games, the odds are against you, you're destined for the same result as the majority, but the odd handful slip through the grapevine and discover the freedom so many long for. The 'Rat Race' is a trap, only a few of us will ever break from this crafted mold of limitations. Therefore, the desperation for money especially labeled being 'rich' is VERY real. The desperation to escape living pay check to pay check drives people to act irrationally with money and the ICO bubble tapped into this phenomenon perfectly. 

99% of funds raised by ICO’s were gathered in ETH, as most projects were based upon the Ethereum blockchain this was very fitting and most definitely what aided the run-up in ETH’s price too. To make this more understandable for you all, the ICO market raised a whopping and pardon my French, fucking frightening total sum of $5.6Billion in 2017 and $11.6Billion in 2018 at present. For a nice side-serving of visibility on that figure, ETH’s current market cap at the time of writing this Goliath article is sitting at a modest $10.9Billion, scary I know, considering most of these projects barely have more than hopes and promises in development. Also, since when did we need such a considerable amount of financial backing for projects that literally had nothing more than copy n pasted virtual text on a virtual white paper? 

Before we delve deeper into who actually pulls the strings of the crypto puppet show and how cryptocurrency plays a much more intimate role than you may believe in a new world order agenda, let’s take a little walk down the yellow brick road to a point in time where Bitcoin was fluctuating at a stupendous $20,000 per coin. The world had never seen anything like it, if emotions could have been measured on a graph it would have been a bull run in itself. Even the most seasoned investors had skid marks in their pants trying to decipher if it would rally another $20,000 or fall back to the depths of an embarrassing 4-digit valuation before they could sell back to fiat, The nifty asset class crypto everybody was fleeing to sell back to the comfort of despite being “in it for the tech!” and to “replace fiat”. 

Here’s to the viva la contradictolution! 

Now back when euphoria was more blinding than whatever took Daredevil’s vision, a new crypto fetish derived from the seemingly unknown pits of mainstream media articulation - ETF’s & Futures. In a heartbeat the entire world completely brushed aside all fears of governmental regulation/crypto banning and instead became unhealthily obsessed with the alleged capital surge that would come from these two new avenues and as a result, bolster the market to highs like never before. You see, all of those carefully constructed articles & media broadcasts drumming up adrenaline-fuelled hype around the SEC’s approval of such malarkey was nothing more than the malicious intent of the forces steering the market to ‘ease’ in the absolute shit show that was about to commence and is still yet to unfold on its mass-scale. Everybody begged for it, so they served what was requested. 

I was fortunate enough to predict BTC falling from $20,000 down to $6,000 and yes, even the $3,000’s (many posts/articles of mine on this). I spotted what was coming forth a mile off. The truth is I am no genie nor was I ‘tipped off’ by Mr. Nakamoto himself, over my rather long investment career I have developed a seemingly emotionless approach to my investments and to be honest, everything and anything in life, a blessing and a curse. The blessing to focus on however, was that despite having a significant stake in this market, my ability to derive from my ego and understand despite my own personal gain for being invested in this market, fundamental issues were arising and the desperate plea for ETF’s & Futures made me realise very quickly that all chaos was about to unleash upon the unknowing all-time-high buyers. The days leading up to the CME Futures was a sight to behold as forums and social media quickly became flooded with the “buy the dip” gang ready to strike once again and inflate a portfolio already compromised of unnecessarily inflated cryptocurrencies. Whilst everybody was frantically anticipating the new gold rush of capital from Wall St, I was buckling up for one of the biggest cases of market manipulation the world was yet to witness. What many failed to realise was that we had already seen some crypto’s surge 40,000% and beyond and we were in dangerously unknown territory at dangerously high prices. Factor in that Wall St had already been a key participant in the orchestration of market manipulation alongside the banks, governments, FI’s and news outlets and you practically have the perfect cookbook for portfolio destruction. You know that famous terminology “buy low, sell high”? That’s exactly what Wall St, the professional market-steering Goliaths have done incredibly well with for decades, why would cryptocurrency be the exception? An eye-numbing $20,000 per Bitcoin at its absolute never before seen highs, would be when corporate giants & financial powerhouses invest billions into the market? It’s far too late now but I’ll say wake up anyway. 

Don’t believe me? CME Futures launched December 10th, 2017 and the market began falling from that very day and has never recovered to this day. Oh, we definitely got that institutional capital we so dearly longed for and they allocated it directly into shorting the living shit out of Bitcoin until those who were “in it for the tech” didn’t quite seem to follow that religious ideology of ‘HODL’ any longer. 

Combine a rapidly declining Bitcoin price with a suddenly not-so-fun portfolio decline unknown to the new crypto ‘investor’, who had seen nothing but ‘bullish’ articles and those big green candles stretching day in and day out to the stratosphere and suddenly you begin to have a problem on your hands. Now it doesn’t take a genius to decipher what commenced from that point onwards, but what seemingly was brushed aside was the sheer amount of Ether amassed in the billions of Dollars being held by those poor, poor companies who needed trillions to kickstart a project the world never needed. It wasn’t long before every ICO-raised pot was being dumped in its entirety on exchanges in a desperate bid to secure fiat reserves to keep the companies afloat. Many of the projects who raised their millions were kind enough to exit-scam immediately as a goodwill gesture to the capital donated to their cause, mostly credited to word-of-mouth referrals from one clueless individual to another. I mean who could resist a cool x40 bonus tokens? But what about the remainder? The final four months of 2018 has uncovered a whopping figure exceeding 400,000 ETH sold by ICO’s to retain what’s left of the scraps of their generous donations courtesy of the general public. But wait, there’s still billions of Dollars of ETH amassed that is yet to be sold right? Quite the opposite, as a little in-depth research on the world wide web will deliver what the media outlets conveniently missed is that a big chunkaroo of this ETH was dumped near the top of this market (hence why we’re sitting in sub -80% territory), meaning there’s a LOT of Benjamin Franklins resting in the bank accounts of these crypto projects that for some peculiar reason, predominantly have been unable to meet roadmap targets, attain any real partnerships with at least a test-pilot of some sorts and more importantly, even a BETA of the product you paid to build. 

If there’s one thing I am eternally grateful for, it’s the humbling cryptocurrency crash of 2018. Insane I know, but what this market meltdown has brought upon the ashes is logic, rationality, and realism - Something we lacked beyond imagination during the chaotic bull run of 2017. What it’s brought us is the blessing to evaluate these cryptocurrency projects on a clearer scale, without having speculative and honestly outrageous prices driving us clear from what was evidently present the entire time. Mark my words, shifting into 2019 you will begin to see a steep decline in how many crypto’s are in existence, only the strong survive and the truth is, hardly any even have a backbone. A little trip down memory lane on CoinMarketCap back to 2013 should be a horrifying jolt of natural caffeine to the system when you realise what was once the ‘top 10’ is now simply top junk. As each day passes the news also swiftly passes of another company going bust or exit scamming into the moonlight and it’s become increasingly transparent now that the ‘crypto purging’ has commenced in full force and I cannot wait. 

As I bury that chapter behind us and move forward, I hope you understand now when you hear the term ‘bubble’ in relation to cryptocurrency, it’s nothing more than a fear mongering tactic used by those with an influential voice to the public for their own personal agenda, that being the deflation of the crypto market’s valuation. The ICO bubble can be popped and obliterated with my full condolences as I await our little infant, the cryptocurrency market to blossom into a young teen next year, now that it’s finally overcome with flying colours the tests that come with being the new kid on the block. 

Touching on this note one final time, you may remember the whole ‘Facebook bans crypto’ fiasco which sent the market into a frenzy as if Facebook was an exchange holding the entire globe’s funds. Facebook banned cryptocurrency ads due to the malicious intent caused by ICO ads scattered absolutely everywhere by robots & overnight investors encouraging their friends to get involved with referral links and bonuses. Delving further into the average demographic of the Facebook user base you probably won’t be too surprised to find they fit generously within those criteria of the ‘ordinary person’ I mentioned above. Facebook isn’t quite the place to find high net-worth individuals or professional investors/traders, hence why it was incredibly easy to acquire millions in funds raised solely through Facebook with practically zero effort. What many could not envision was how beneficial Facebook’s decision to ban these ads were for the market’s credibility, longevity and of course, the average Joe not having to watch their life savings evaporate in a matter of days. 2019 will no doubt bring upon us new avenues to get rich in milliseconds without making an inch of effort and all I can truly advice is stay clear and focus on the long-term vision. I believe Security Token Offerings or STO’s will be the next craze to follow and I’m sure with some crafty ad placements and wording you’ll be enticed to participate for those instant gratification needs of yours, but again, stay away. 

Everything you’ve seen unfold this year so far has been incredibly important for the future of this market and every downfall, every scam, every regulatory strike has been a positive strive towards global acceptance and dominance on all levels. But what if I told you all of the above was already part of the plan? What if I told you everything you’ve been strategically spoon-fed over the past few years was a lie? 

Have you never stopped and thought for one moment, how exactly did we never find Satoshi Nakamoto? That’s because he doesn’t exist. We live in a (not-so) golden age, where surveillance is present as if the ‘gods’ themselves are watching over us every passing second. Following global tragedies like 9/11, society quickly shifted to a state of surveillance and questionably unethical personal data collection of the masses, something we seemingly brushed aside for the ‘greater good’ of our nations. When you think about the fact that during some of the worst cases of global terrorism and extremism known to man - passports are supposedly found during suicide bombings/plane crashes, facial recognition quickly identifies culprits and any trace of activity on the web is immediately routed straight to the criminals whereabouts thanks to more unethical hacking practices, are we really supposed to believe the entity that created what allegedly was the biggest threat to the banks and U.S Government in their own words, just vanished off the face of the earth? 

Let me explain further. 

Since the inception of the Bitcoin white paper and over the past three years in particular, it’s become increasingly evident an agenda to create a revolutionist mass-cult following of Bitcoin maximalism has been underway and extremely effective in doing so. If there’s one thing studying the human psychology of cryptocurrency market participants has taught me, is that misinformation and ignorance is on a magnitude breaching scale like none other. The biggest giveaway of delusional participants in this market is the constant cries of Bitcoin decentralisation and it being the most decentralised crypto of them all, something that makes me shiver to the core at how frighteningly well this agenda has been maneuvered to the masses. When you make the positive effort to do just a little more than blindly mimic other clueless individuals on social media and online forums and actually understand the entire infrastructure of how Bitcoin operates, you’ll likely need to be sitting down and ensure your breathing is in moderation before you begin to uncover the truth. Remember earlier on I said Chinese Mining Pools control 70% of the hash rate? I wasn’t lying. 

The definition of ‘Decentralisation’: 

“Decentralisation is the process of distributing or dispersing functions, powers, people or things away from a central location or authority”

If maths isn’t your specialty, 50% is ridiculously centralised as it is, add an extra 20% to that figure and you’ve got yourself a nice power shift to a select few entities. To be more specific, some of the key players - AntPool,, ViaBTC, F2pool and BTCtop to name some of the larger influencers of unnatural price fluctuations, all work under the same umbrella and have visibly shown the orchestration between themselves during market manipulation and especially during the hard fork drama thanks to that little statistic I mentioned earlier called hash rate. The slightly smaller Chinese miners work a little more intelligently however and go a little further out of their way to divide the hash rate more equally between several entities, appearing much more isolated in business operations to the foreseeing eye of the public. Regardless of how they determine a cover-up, the evidence is right there for all to see. So when you see all of these ‘crypto experts’ on Twitter and Reddit in particular yelling decentralisation, they’re very, very clueless. 

The goal of decentralisation is to ensure no single entity or a majority of close-knitted entities possess the capabilities to bring down the entire network, something Bitcoin has most certainly failed to achieve. That’s just the 70% of nodes being run in China, by the way, I haven’t even started on the institutional and government chokehold currently deployed on BTC, prostituting its every swing and fluctuation in perfect symmetry with external fundamental factors. This ignorance to disregard such an obvious and fatal flaw with the BTC network is increasingly becoming more frightening for myself as I witness stupid and childish internet lingo like “FUD” thrown in retaliation for any form of compelling evidence or questionable remark on Bitcoin’s title as ‘king’ and its centralised nature.

I’ve been an avid believer for a very long time (with some fairly horrific repercussions from maximalists) that ‘Satoshi’s vision’ for a truly decentralised ecosystem had failed  an incredibly long time ago and the more I think about it, that’s exactly what was meant to happen, Bitcoin wasn’t designed by the NSA/CIA to survive, it was designed to pave the way for the true agenda of cryptocurrency use and ‘ease’ the global population into an entire planetary monetary system shift, aka - a cashless, digital society. Now that prices have died down and we can approach market research slightly more logic-driven, wasn’t 2017 a clear indicator that Bitcoin and a serious amount of other projects are nowhere near ready for the alleged ‘purpose’ they set to accomplish? Last year when the market surged to a valuation of nearly $2Trillion, fairly modest when you compare the long-term prospectives for this market, Bitcoin was plagued by 24hour confirmation times, outrageous network fees,  hard-fork extravaganzas and best of all, the Ethereum blockchain came down to a crashing halt from none other than - CryptoKitties. Fairly comical when you put these factors into perspective. Suddenly $20,000 for BTC and $1,600 for ETH doesn’t quite feel as justified does it? No matter how much you tell me about Lightning Network or mass-scalability in development, considering we’re almost beginning 2019, growth should have outweighed the fairly minimal demand we have currently seen. 

All it takes is a trip away from delusion island to identify why Bitcoin or any proof of stake concept for that matter cannot sustain itself efficiently within our ecosystem and why it will never be a means of government escape and privacy. A common misconception is that Bitcoin will adhere to its place in society as a store of value and  alternative method of payment below the prying eyes of the government ‘cat n mouse’ tax implications, a theory which 2018 eradicated fairly quickly, as no store of value falls 84% in a 12 month radius and if it does, we most certainly need to re-evaluate our dictionary definition of the term. “True” you may discerningly agree, it may be volatile, but with the likes of Bitcoin alongside its ‘private’ counterpart Monero, they’re still fundamentally capable of acting as a means of anonymous payment right? Again, quite the opposite, as the CIA crackdowns for dark web vendors amassed in the thousands it very quickly rules out that theory and if you want to go and put that to the test be my guest, just know I’ll be there during visiting hours saying “I told you so!”. The U.S Government working in cooperation with the likes of the NSA and CIA have openly stated they have the technology and resources to intercept deep web fraudulent and criminal activity, what’s the purpose of even bothering to use coins for privacy when it’s already visibly present these fantasies will never surface to reality? 

Fantasies are all around us in the crypto market and I’m hoping by now you’re starting to see this is in no means necessary an attack on the blockchain, Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum or anything else previously mentioned. This is a wake-up call to the masses, a plea to see beyond the brainwashing of the media and arguably worse in my opinion - Social media which has united a cult-like following of pages and people influencing newcomers to this market with heavily misinformed outright stupidity. My final pointer on this subject before I continue into a very intriguing topic many will not be prepared for is that every single case of supposed ‘adoption’ for the likes of Bitcoin is much more glamourised than reality actually reflects. We seem to have formed a culture in crypto where any retailer, corporation or even financial institution accepting cryptocurrency payments is automatically a huge indicator of billions of Dollars in capital being flocked to the specific crypto asset listed. This is far from the warped fiction many are led to believe. 

Did you know Litecoin has over 240 retailers accepting the crypto as a means of payment? That BTC is accepted as payment in more places than ever before? Or maybe you weren’t aware that corporate giants specialising in pension and mutual funds already have crypto-dedicated funds? Trillions in retail and institutional capital have been opened as a gateway for direct cryptocurrency investment yet we have still witnessed BTC fall to 84%, how so? Because it’s only optional, customers are under no obligation to use the additional payment methods of crypto or invest in the crypto funds because the average Joe has no clue and is not willing to spend the time and resources to learn, and I don’t blame them. To see a societal shift to an entirely new means of payment/monetary system it must be effortless, simplistic and already easily accessible to every single customer, which as of present is disgustingly distant from practicality. Unless you already own crypto, why as an average Joe with the easy resources of PayPal or Visa for online payments, would you go to unnecessary lengths to obtain crypto, learn to store it, suffer price fluctuations exceeding 10% by the time payment confirms, when the infrastructure in place is simply too easy to disembark from? Yes you can use the argument of extortionate fees which I can absolutely relate to, as PayPal has taken well over £60,000 from myself in fees over the past few years. But why do I remain using them alongside multi-millions of other customers? Because it’s easy and less hassle, we’re busy people. 

Payment cryptos will never thrive unless they become compulsory to use or the majority of Earth’s population already owns some, which they never will do, not Bitcoin and its peers that is anyway. Without a compulsory means to use cryptocurrency, it without a shadow of doubt remains a secondary alternative to what already exists within our monetary system and society, this is the brutally honest truth and I’m not afraid to make this clear. 

Bitcoin is nothing more than a gimmick intended to derive a slow sentiment shift and ease the masses into the early stages of a societal shift to a cashless worldwide economical system. Bitcoin was brought into existence during the aftermath of the financial crisis as a desperate last-measure experiment to lay the groundworks of a new world agenda to avoid another catastrophic devastation like the 2008 financial crisis. 

Everything is a rich mans trick. 

The elite knew very well that another economic crisis in this modern age would be an event way beyond any means of repair and if that frightens the highest members of our society then you can only imagine what the repercussions would be for the remainder of the world. 

The crisis underscored the fragility of the modern financial system, where the health of our monetary system is reliant on banks and other financial institutions that we are forced to trust to make wise and prudent decisions with the money we give them. Fractional reserve banking alongside unsustainably low interest rates and debt inflation so high in the Trillions of Dollars no society in this lifetime or the next could repay what was owed. The U.S National debt at the time of writing sits well over $21Trillion and around $6Trillion of that debt cannot even be accounted for by the Pentagon, CIA and U.S Military, all of whom failed to provide legitimate and transparent statistics during their audits. 

We never truly recovered from the financial crisis, in fact, we have not at all, we have only worsened the financial stability of our society, sugarcoating the nightmare that truly lies behind the scenes. As each year passes the debt amasses to means beyond belief, annually adding to the crumbling pressure of a debt weight awaiting to crumble and take down everything around it in one swift move. The cryptocurrency market is not in a bubble, the entire global banking system is. 

Society has brought itself to the brink of destruction and it’s already too late. 2019 will mark the monumental infancy stages of the next economical crisis. The signs are already evidently present beyond the bone-crunching debt pile, the real estate market has also shown us the telltale evidence of decline and empty shells of apartment complexes failing to surpass the necessary funding needed to complete the projects, leaving behind derelict memories of what was once a thriving market with seemingly no cap to finding a willing buyer in the opposing end of the market, regardless of price. 

Taking this matter into consideration and the fact the stock market has already began its correction from majestic all-time-highs and the 3,000 mark of the S&P500 following an incredible 10-year bull run, something you may have already been well aware of if you’re a follower of my content. The FED just increased their benchmark rate literally today as I write this article from 2.25% to 2.5%, sending the stock market to further catastrophe and the FTSE100 another 1.5% day in the bloodshed negative. In true economic crisis fashion and with two more rate hikes projected moving into 2019, the debt bubble will inevitably obliterate into a million pieces as loans begin to default and assets are seized by the banks as collateral for the chaos that will follow.

I anticipate the entire stock market to witness a 50-60% correction over the span of the next 3 years. What a coincidence the cryptocurrency market has been artificially deflated to yearly lows whilst the stock market remains at its absolute highs. 

But if Bitcoin is supposedly just a ploy for an ultimate agenda, what on earth are they planning to do with crypto you may ask? 

Let me introduce you to a company called Ripple and their secret weapon, XRP. 

30 years ago The Economist in its “Get Ready for a World Currency” article predicted a new world currency by 2018. “Americans, Japanese, Europeans, and people in many other rich countries and some relatively poor ones will probably be paying for their shopping with the same currency.” The Economist named the currency “Phoenix”, but it was used more like metaphor, not a name. 

If you didn’t already know, the Economist’s owners consist of a number of elite families and bankers including the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds had invested significant amounts into cryptocurrency back in December 2017 seemingly under the radar, but thanks to reports this was made public. Despite earlier criticism for all cryptocurrency, another elite investment tycoon George Soros is also investing. Amongst other wealthy families and not to be outdone – the Rockefeller’s have also joined the crypto buzz. The Rockefeller’s have reportedly signed a partnership with Coinfund, a cryptocurrency investment initiative. Called Venrock – the investment arm of the family was a brainchild of the late David Rockefeller. The puzzle has pieced itself together, waiting for you to see it.

Back in 1988, the Economist article was met with mass confusion from the general public. What could they physically be talking about? What’s wrong with the U.S Dollar? Well if you’ve read the above properly, you will now know exactly what they were talking about when they made that new world order ‘prediction’ 30 years ago. 

Here’s a segment of the article from 1988:

“The phoenix zone would impose tight constraints on national governments. There would be no such thing, for instance, as a national monetary policy. The world phoenix supply would be fixed by a new central bank, descended perhaps from the IMF. The world inflation rate – and hence, within narrow margins, each national inflation rate- would be in its charge. Each country could use taxes and public spending to offset temporary falls in demand, but it would have to borrow rather than print money to finance its budget deficit. With no recourse to the inflation tax, governments and their creditors would be forced to judge their borrowing and lending plans more carefully than they do today. This means a big loss of economic sovereignty, but the trends that make the phoenix so appealing are taking that sovereignty away in any case. Even in a world of more-or-less floating exchange rates, individual governments have seen their policy independence checked by an unfriendly outside world”.

A simple look at the modern-day world paints a vivid picture of a world that was purposeful in its actions to lead to the current global crisis we’re presently a victim of.  More so, how scarily-accurate this article remained down to every last detail in what 2018 would entail, from the trigger-happy USD printing via quantitative easing to the debt bubble we are consumed within, it’s clear that this article was not a prediction, but a clear warning of the new world order. 

Don’t believe me? 

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane to the G20 Summit of 2009. 

Two key agenda’s from the summit reveal more than enough on what was starting to become a resourceful shift to a new monetary agenda: 

  • Developing joint actions to prevent further contagion and support vulnerable emerging and developing markets
  • Working together to address the flaws in the financial and supervisory architecture that crisis has exposed

The system was flawed from the very beginning, but the greed of the elite consumed them to a level where the brink of a financial crisis would be the only matter to finally consider a new monetary system and means to further control more intimately, the financial proceedings and doings of the general public. 

So how on earth could Ripple, the beloved “bankster scam coin” that uneducated basement-bound trolls investing $50 of their parents money between 80 shitcoin’s like to refer to it as… Be a part of this agenda? 

Did you know one of the high-ranking managers of Ripple has become a member of a task force responsible for faster payments with close ties to the United States Federal Reserve? Or that another high-ranking member of the same company has been a member of the Global Board of SWIFT from 2010 to 2016 which is directly confirmed on the official website of the company? Or maybe you didn’t know that their most publicly known member of the board, Joel Katz the CTO and in his own words “one of the original architects of XRP”, used to work for the NSA and had also attended the 2011 Bilderberg meeting while still with NSA, to then later on join OpenCoin (Ripple's original name). Bilderberg is a group of the world elite (search it if you don’t believe me).

Now if you cannot already decipher what I’m aiming at here, you’re practically looking at the utmost approval of what Ripple is aiming to adhere to within the financial world on a mass-scale with XRP. 

Or to be financially correct, replace the U.S Dollar. 

Ripple have been acting accordingly precise to this agenda of the G20 summit, tackling the emerging markets like India and Asia aggressively, but more precisely Japan, now boasting over 80% of the Japanese banks under their influence thanks to SBI. SBI Japan through its consortium of banks is about to revolutionise Japanese banking through the use of XRP, in aid paving the way to further emerging markets and predominantly resulting in full-scale use of XRP in Asia. Mirroring this statistic over to India, where over 50% of banking influence has been achieved by Ripple, the facts remain vividly clear that global domination must begin organically and through the correct corridors, which you’re witnessing unfold in real time. 

Ripple has a solution to be a global liquidity provider and has been working far beyond the realm of just Asia and India. In fact, they have been working directly with the source. The IMF, World Bank, central banks, authorities and regulators throughout the world. 

Now one fact to take into consideration is that XRP was never destined to become a replacement for the U.S Dollar nor was it to become a one world reserve currency, however with the increasingly worsening liquidity crisis due to advanced economies, the elite can no longer rely on illiquid assets such as gold or fiat as we further progress down a society working upon a “on-demand” infrastructure. With the U.S Dollar losing over 90% of its buying power since the 1920’s and a SWIFT system based on prehistoric technology, lacking the capability to support said on-demand structure, what other option remains? 

The FED create their own digital asset, something they have been discussing and already experimenting, perhaps becoming the new asset pegged to oil, allowing XRP to earn its position as the bridge currency. Should all else fail will become the new reserve currency. 

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis made an impactful message on Twitter from their official account stating “The Triffin Dilemma refers to the double-edged sword of possessing a currency that serves as the world reserve currency. If a private cryptocurrency were to replace a given world reserve currency, this would eliminate the dilemma for that currency.” 

And in what can only be labelled as more than convenient timing - Two members of the U.S. House of Representatives are seeking to exempt cryptocurrencies and certain other digital assets from federal securities laws. This bill provides the certainty American markets need to compete with the likes of the above mentioned countries who are aggressively growing their blockchain economies and networks ahead of the U.S. 

I do not need to even elaborate on this any further, the signs are everywhere, the masses are simply too ignorant to read what’s being openly stated. You see in this weird stage of humanity we live in, where the ideology that we will somehow escape the tight chokehold of the prying eyes the world governments and banks possess, we often forget to keep our feet firmly pressed to the ground and understand such an idea is simply a fantasy. Not in this lifetime, nor the next will we simply escape the chains and shackles of the higher beings influencing how this world develops. Did you know the top 0.01% of the worlds wealthiest individuals have grown from owning 3% of the total global wealth to now 8% in a span of less than 10 years? Such theories are simply bedroom dreams constructed by those who cannot face the reality of our nature. 

It’s all over the internet, in documents publicly available in PDF form by the majority of world leading banks. From 2020-2025 the agenda is to make Ripple the standard for international money transfers between banks. Interledger Protocol (ILP) will become the standard protocol for connecting banks’ cash ledgers as part of Ripple’s software. 

The saying has remained for years, if you cannot beat them, join them. Anybody who believes by owning Bitcoin or anything similar they can overthrow government and elite ruling are brainwashed. Bitcoin will never be adopted or utilised as a means of a world currency, reserve currency or a petro-Dollar equivalent, let alone an alternative means of payment. The Satoshi 'vision' is dead and it's as simple as that, argue all you want, the facts are laid out for you in the open. Keep holding your precious BTC and you'll end up right back at the bottom of the food-chain once the elite are done toying with price and trickling every last penny out of those they have brainwashed to believe it's the future. 

What you’ll begin to see unfold during this new world order is a new shift of wealth, where a catastrophic divide will occur yet again between the masses and the elite, who are already amassing the digital assets that will hold the new accepted value in society, holding Bitcoin has never been as risky as it is right now. Call it ‘FUD” all you want and that’s fine, you’re at no obligation to follow what I have said and I do not want you to blindly follow what I have written here. All I ask is research absolutely everything I have covered and be open to accept not everything is what it seems. 

A simple way to dismiss the theory of the delusional Bitcoin overthrow is that if it really DID threaten the existence of our current government reign and control over the masses, would they really have allowed it to come this far if the threat existed? 

I have a friend high up at Barclays bank, who has already confirmed ledger technology is a prime focus for the bank, including but not limited to the tax on the blockchain. Fully digitalised tax based upon a ledger protocol to some extent, making tax practically impossible to avoid ever again. The blockchain in its true decentralised form would indeed be a means of privacy on a small layer. However, the blockchain and ledger technology in the hands of the government is a world that’s incredibly frightening to reside in. What you are led to believe as a positive of having absolutely everything imprinted within each mined block is absolutely not the case and was always part of the agenda of the elite to entrap the masses further in the slave society we reside in. Everything from your personal details, actions in all broad spectrums of society will begin to slowly permanently carve itself into a network that can be overseen to control us beyond imagination. 

To finally answer my question from the very beginning, yes, we have seen the most growth, adoption and real-world use cases of blockchain and ledger technology. In all aspects of growth the fundamentals of cryptocurrency have become phenomenally rock solid like never before, but what the true purpose of this all along was intended for, is not what you were led to believe. 

I hope this article (essay) finds you well and aids even 1% of you reading, to see the light beyond what is purposely illustrated for us to believe. 

Below is a massive list stretching into serious depth what I have covered above, all courtesy of an incredibly educated gentleman who goes by the Twitter handle @LoveForCrypto17 

If you have not already seen his video exposing this revolution on a magnitude never seen before, I highly suggest you do so as it was the influence behind this writing. 


If you do not already follow me, you can do so here:

Twitter: @Cryptonary_ 
Instagram: @Torayk @Cryptonary
YouTube: @Cryptonary


All of the below is courtesy of @LoveForCrypto17


Ripple/XRP - $5000 The Economic Machine (IOV)

G20 Washington Summit 2008

G20 London Summit 2009

Bank of England RTGS  2012

Bank of England Ripple POC 2017

Bank of England CBDC 2018

Canada Central Bank DLT

South African Central Bank DLT

UN 2009

FED Faster Payments 2018

IMF DLT 2016

Central Banks Progress (1)

Central Banks Progress (2)

Obama Document 2014

World Economic Forum

Presidents Executive Order 2017

W3C 2014

Interledger Protocol 1/2/3

Hyperledger DLT

Worldline DLT

Temenos DLT


Moneytap DLT

Wells Fargo DLT



Devere DLT

Deutsche Bank DLT

Everis DLT/Timeline


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