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Quillan Black


Quillan is a renowned trader in his mid-twenties and was born in Mandeville, Jamaica. From a very early age, Quillan understood that the traditional 9-to-5 life was not the way to truly experience life to the fullest.

Quillan began working at the age of 20, shortly after receiving his United States work permit. Over the course of three years, he made only $8.30 per hour. One night, while closing up at a Target store, Quillan was hit with a reality check that changed his life. Since then, he has become a permanent resident of the United States and currently resides in Miami, Florida, where he runs two successful businesses, of which one is a foreign exchange trading company.

Trading History
Quillan has been involved with the financial markets for about 7 years. He began his trading career trading stock options and used some of the money from his pay checks to invest into his brokerage account. He crossed paths with the Foreign Exchange and Commodities market in late 2014 and could quickly grasp the FX market because of his time spent gaining market knowledge from stock options. He was able to attain concepts and add his personal clear and elegant twist to how he uniquely analyses the markets.


Trading Style

Quillan dispenses his insights into the FX market by condensing his technical and fundamental knowledge into an intraday format, whilst concurrently taking advantage of his prior subjective experiences.

An average trading month may consist of 6-10 executions with a position holding duration of roughly 2-4 days. Quillan upholds consistency whilst making his trading decisions without hesitation.

A favoured positional insight for Quillan is examining interrelationships between technical charting, historical price action and major geopolitical and global events. Profits are generated consistently with his simple naked chart/ price action trading. He primarily trades the higher time frame momentum and dissects further for precision entries.

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