GOLD in an asset that has always held its value. Even when we go back centuries it becomes evident that the precious metal has always been used throughout human commerce since middle eastern societies for longer than 2,500 years. GOLD is, in-fact the oldest store of wealth and the most valuable version of money which is still recognised today. Throughout all natural disasters, wars & political unrest throughout the ages, GOLD has always been the most important safe haven asset.

The interests of trading GOLD digitally on the financial markets grew slowly after the year 2002 and then exploded with the onset of the 2008 financial crisis. The value of GOLD on the financial markets is measured by the ounce, with the price of gold skyrocketing from 30$ up until the 1970's to all-time highs beyond $1900 in the year 2011.

As an example; When the price of GOLD falls relative to the US dollar, investors would sell the commodity pair in the open market in the hopes of making a profit. Fundamentally, one of the most reliable determinants of GOLDS price has been the level of real interest rates - when interest rates are high, strong returns are possible in the appeal of holding the yellow metal both physically and digitally. The symbol for spot gold is XAUUSD.