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EUR/USD ready for 1.2000?

Posted on 14/08/2017

EUR/USD: 1.1909 has been the multi-year high, freshly printed by the pair, and now we might be heading toward higher pricing. 1.2000 looks promising for the pair over the next few weeks after the most recent daily Higher Low (1.1690) confirmed on the closure of the 9th August. In accordance with price action rules, there is potential for a Higher High to be formed soon, breaking the barrier of 1.1925 and going up toward 1.2000.



Previous Post: Further upside is on the cards and 1.1925 is our next weekly resistance target. 1.1690 (labelled) has been the minor area of resistance, which held as an issue at the start of the week. This has now been broken, we could expect a retest and a catapult into higher territory. 


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