Bitcoin is a newer form of investment, a digitalised currency, which as of the present date, is yet to fail as a store of value and wealth generation. Closely associated with its ties to Gold, due to the similarity in their properties it comes as no surprise millennials are racing in herds to jump aboard the ongoing bull trend and beat the returns provided from the likes of the Stocks and Forex markets.

Bitcoin was never intended to gain the status as the best investment of a lifetime, especially when dating back to its creation in 2009. Legend has it that the mythical founder, who goes by the name of ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ (real identity still unknown until this day), meticulously crafted Bitcoin with the sole intention of providing the world with a means of payment. This payment uniquely needs no interference or interception from any bank or government.

Bitcoins enormous explosion in value has not ceased since becoming a tradable asset in 2010. Back then, 1 Bitcoin (BTC) was able to be purchased for around $0.10! Now that is impressive, especially considering it has recently reached all-time highs of $11,800 in December 2017. Even throughout much negative publicity from banks, governments & the media, the price has done nothing but soar in the last 12 months. This digital asset has set records for percentage growth & with the production cut at 21 million coins, which is edging closer and closer. It is interesting to imagine how far in value this finite piece of digitalised 'gold' can run.