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EUR/USD Forecast
After a substantial bullish rebound from the 1.0550 level (mid April)EUR/USD swiftly reversed around the 1.1400 weekly resistance level after a daily b...  continue reading

- 1 day ago

GBP/USD Forecast
is my favoured pick after recent weakness directed the pair to the 1.5300 daily support region after a recent rejection from 1.5800 (tweezers top formation)1.5050 weekly SUPP is...  continue reading

- 1 day ago

AUD/USD Forecast
$1220 still proves to be a substantial barrier for the metal constricting it within the three month range limitations.  $1180 daily support has proved to be ra...  continue reading

- 1 day ago

USD/JPY Forecast
After the sheer trading excitement provided by the YEN pairs recently EUR/JPY has in fact been the star of my watch list.  The pair has respected 4-500 ...  continue reading

- 1 day ago

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The market's plummeting, price has fallen approximately 80% since reaching all-time highs, cryptocurrency ads are banned, ICO's a....continue reading


With an extremely controversial and unexpected kickstart to the cryptocurrency world within 2018 so far, it's good to take a step back and gain....continue reading


In true Cryptocurrency fashion, the market has begun surging once more overall 10% across the scoop of the major top fifty crypto's, with LTC b....continue reading


It seems a major spanner has just been thrown in the works for Theresa May's ultimate agenda on Brexit as Pro-European Conservative MP's an....continue reading


EURJPY:-  We have seen price consolidate for the previous 8 days at 136.000 Monthly Resistance. This level seems to be a barr....continue reading

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Is It The End?

The market's plummeting, price has fallen approximately 80% since reaching all-time ...  continue reading

- 2 days ago
GBPUSD:- Rebounding From Fresh Highs

GBPUSD: After the frenzy of Wednesday the 21st of March we saw the GBP driv ...  continue reading

- 2 days ago
GBPJPY:- 150.000 A Critical Barrier

GBPJPY:- The pair has seen a rapid surge in price back towards the major barrier ...  continue reading

- 2 days ago
MPC Leave Rates Unchanged As Sterling Launches Towards 1.4300

Cable launched to the stratosphere this afternoon as some of the biggest anticipated fundamental ...  continue reading

- 2 days ago
FOMC Rate Hike By 0.25% Sends Cable Surging & Loonie Slumping

To continue with the hectic fundamental day, the main event of the afternoon - being the FOMC eco ...  continue reading

- 2 days ago
Crude Oil Results Better Than Expected

As a slight pre-contender for a heavy USD-predominant fundamental afternoon, the Crude Oil Invent ...  continue reading

- 3 days ago