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AUD/USD: Are we ready to witness 0.7200?... | 1 day ago

Good Afternoon Traders and welcome back to EverythingFX. The Australian Dollar is currently trading at...


EUR/USD: Stable Above 1.1200... | 2 days ago

I am aware the ultimate low was 1.1115 but EURUSD has shown great resilience from the 1.12 region, multiple re...


Could the ECO currency bring a halt to Crypto adoption in Africa? | 1 week ago

A meeting held in Abuja, Nigeria saw 15 West African nations, known as the "ECOWAS" (Economic Commun...

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How do stocks perform when the FED cut rates? | 22 hours ago

Many traders are wondering how stocks will perform after FED cut rates on July’s meeting, as many doubt ...


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